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Hi all -- I'm wondering if you have some suggestions for the best way to handle the underarm stitches. Our CLC pattern suggests binding off stitches on both the sleeves and the body and then seaming the underarm. Other patterns I have read suggest placing the underarm stitches on holders and then grafting the underarm stitches from the body and sleeves together. What are your thoughts?

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Heather, I wish I could help but right now I'm just following this KAL. So I hope someone else will be able to give you some advice soon.
I think the grafting idea is great! Thanks for suggesting it. I'm not that far (due to thumb surgery, in case you want to know), so this is useful info. I think I'll do it that way. Happy knitting! --P
Sounds like a job for

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Oh, what a wonderful costume for Mr. Foster!
When I sewed up the underarms of my sweater, I just matched up the loops of the bind off and whip stitched it. It's not the most elegant seam, but it's in an inconspicuous place. (I mean, you'd basically have to lift your arm and point out the seam to any observer for them to notice. "Look at my horrible whip stitch seam!") Grafting sounds like a great idea though.
While we're talking about sleeves, did anyone have difficulty in managing the tightness of trying to knit around the sleeves once joined to the body? I've done about 10 rounds since joining and it's getting easier, but at first it was so tight I had trouble putting the right needle into the left to make the stitch. On the first few rows I slid several stitches at a time onto a DPN, knitted, then slipped some more. It was no problem, but was time consuming. Anyway, I thought before I go any further I'd just ask to see if anyone else had the same experience OR did I take a wrong turn? If I have to frog, I want to do it now before I put in another 10 rows.

Thanks for any suggestions from anyone who can tell me if they experienced the same tightness and how they handled it.
I experienced the same tightness and resorted to magic loop technique to get the job done. Even though there were enough stitches to comfortably fit around my 40" circ, I pushed the stitches together and pulled out a loop of the cable at the middle of each arm a la magic loop. I knit to the middle of the first arm, pushed the back stitches onto the left needle, pulled out a bit of slack on the right needle, and knit across the back to the middle of the second arm. Repeat. I assume by the time I was far enough away from the arm hole that it was no longer tight, I needed to use magic loop anyway because there were fewer stitches. I hope this helps.
I haven't even started, but the magic loop will definitely solve this problem with raglan sleeves.
Or two circs, which I definitely have handy. That's how I did my sleeves anyway. Pick your needle arrangement. --Peggy
Yes, I did pretty much the same thing. I guess I do use the magic loop technique without even thinking about it. When the stitches got few enough, I just shortened the needle (you can just use a shorter needle to knit onto if you can't break it down). I'm also almost at the short rows..... I can't wait to do one for ME!
Yup, I found the same thing. I just did what you did and struggled through until I was far enough away from the join and it got easier. Next time, I might try out the magic loop method, though.

The good news is, you probably shouldn't have to frog it! :)
I'm not that far yet - but I plan to graft, because that's the way I always do this sort of sweater.


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