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I've made it to the steek and I've done a trial steek on a swatch -- it was much easier than I thought!


Do you use one strand of yarn or two to knit the front bands?  I've tried it on the swatch with 2 strands and it seems a bit thick.  Has anyone tried using one strand for the bands?


I love the sweater --even thought I had to frog from the neck back to below the sleeves -- not a good day when that happened.  I also had 2 of my knit picks options cables come apart when I had just put the body and both sleeves on the needle -- that was scary too!  Is there any kind of glue you can use to put the threaded ends back on the cable?


Thanks, Charlotte

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I swatched and steeked my swatch, like you did.  Then I used the steeked swatch to try picking up front bands.  I tried single and double stranded, and also double-stranded to the turning row then single stranded for the inside part to make it less thick.


In the end I did double stranded throughout and was very happy with how it came out.  If you are on Ravelry you can see photos on my project page.  I'm not sure if there are any closeups of the button band, but I can try to take some tonight (I've been wearing the sweater as an extra layer to keep warm on this chilly day in the NYC Blizzard).

Yeah for you Beth!  Congratulations on finishing.  Even though some of us are starting over or just beginning, we would love it if you could join along in the restart of the knit a long.  Maybe a new sweater style or something, doesn't have to be the CliC. Checked out your sweater, very nice! Janet
Thank you for the inspirations. My sweater is the knit of the day. I hope to make some progress on the body.

Beth, Your sweater is beautiful!  I almost picked the same colour combo -- mine is the midnight blue and spring green combo.  I'm just working on the steeked swatch and doing a band with single yarn -- it does look pretty skimpy.  I think I'll go for the bands in the 2 strands of yarn.

I can't believe all the snow in NYC -- I've seen some pictures of the streets --I hope you're safe and warm and able to get around the city.

Thanks, Charlotte



I'm just now getting ready to steek, and then I was wondering about using one strand vs two strands for the bands.  Think I'll use two now that I've read it works nicely.  Thank you!


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