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I am a somewhat experienced knitter who has made numerous raglan-sleeve sweaters. I am confused as to the math involved in the Classic Lines Cardigan for size 44. After attaching the sleeves (442 st total) and decreasing by 8 sts 33 times, I come up with 178 sts total, not 176 as reported in the directions. When working the short rows for the neckline, the directions for size 44 say to work a decrease row 7 times total, thus decreasing another 56 sts and leaving 122 sts for the neckband instead of the reported 130 as stated in the directions. Has anyone else run into this error and, if so, what final stitch total did you find worked best for the size required?

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Marcia, I'm just following, not actually knitting. Hopefully someone else will check in. On 4/16/2009, they posted a revised PDF file. Did you download the file before then? That's a possible problem.
Thank you for your response, Cheryl. I downloaded the pattern sometime late summer '09. I have searched for corrections but didn't have much luck finding anything. I'm willing to just go ahead and knit and see what I come up with, but I was hoping for some input as to what stitch count others found best for them. (I already adjusted for my own body type on the cuff and sleeve increments leading to the full sleeve stitch count.) Although I refer to myself as being somewhat an experienced knitter, this will be my first steeking project so I want to make sure to get it right the first time! Not so easy to rip out after you've already made those cuts!
I've been knitting a long time and I still haven't steeked. In fact, I did Melissa's Mystery Project over in the Colorwork KAL so I would have to steek something fairly small.

I really suggest you contact customer service about your questions if no one else responds with some suggestions. Because if there is a problem, KP doesn't know about them if they aren't reported.
I finishd the sweater in that size a couple of months ago. I do remember there was a significant
error in the number....I do remember I corrected it, but I did it before I got to that point, by looking
ahead. I am sorry but I do not remember what I did???
So. Marcia, you really should report the errors to customer service.
I have gone ahead and knitted the neckline down to 122 sts total. An error of 8 sts at this point will not make that much difference - especially since the sweater is a cardigan vs. pullover. I have, however, sent an e-mail off to customer service just to let them know they might want to take another look at the numbers. After my first posting I double-checked all the sizes and there are some discrepancies. Since they are so close to the finish of the sweater, they really aren't that big a deal; but if someone is just learning and really trying to track the pattern closely this would be confusing for them. Thanks for your responses!

By the way - yes, I finished the neckline. Steeking here I come!!!!!!!!!!!
That is so exciting Marcia. Congratulations!

I'm glad you let KP know. There is nothing worse than a confused newbie because a pattern is wrong.
Thank you , Marcia!

I thought I had just screwed it up again. if there's a problem, my first reaction is that I did something
wrong. A leftover from my lovely family. What I did was just quit decreasing when I hit 130
or thereabouts. I'm hoping that won't be a problem. I am procrastinating the steeking at the
moment but am sure I'll find my courage soon.
Judith Day
We will wait patiently until you get the courage to steek. I still have steeked anything either. I really need to finish my mystery project so I can get to the steek.
Judith, In the "late sweater" discussion I have been giving a play by play on my first steeking experience. I have actually sewn, cut and today started picking up stitches. It goes against logic to cut what you've knit and knit and knit, but so far so good. I see the cut ends of yarn and it screams I'm going to come undone, watch out. But the sewing part I think will make it stable and the ends are inside the band at the end. Go for it, Robin
Thank you for your encouragement. Over the holidays I worked myself into
a fibromyalgia flare and am pretty much useless at the moment. If it weren't
for that, I would have started the steek by now. I have no way of knowing
how long this will last but I will eventually get back on track. -- Judith
Judith, I will be keeping you in my thoughts. I hope you are back to being able to knit soon. ♥Cheryl


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