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I have to admit it, I messed up.  Though I was on gauge.  Wasn't, made my sleeves to long before attaching, and way to big around.  So I get to frog the whole sweater, and restart, restart, restart, lol.  Oh well, isn't the first time, won't be the last.  And I had it all finished except the steeking, yikes!!!  Anyone game to start over with me after the holidays, or start for the first time????


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A photo would be nice. I like photos! Short rows are handy. DH has kyphosis (rounded back), so some short rows across the shoulders keep his sweaters from riding up in the back. It's a good idea to do that anyway, and the CLiC calls for it, but he needs more of them.
Can you cut it down to fit?

No, since I added short rows right above the ribbing at the bottom of the vest.  Also it is very cabled, and I worked the cable pattern with the short rows worked in, it was a bit tricky, but I made it work.  I don't mind taking it out, he didn't even have a chance to wear it.  Was to busy working hard this past summer and fall.  A lot of times, worked 6 days a week, and too tired to go do anything on Sunday except church.



i checked my gauge and now i dont really know where to start


On the CLiC? How about a sleeve? I did my sleeves first, because that way I could really see how it was going, gauge-wise, before I started on the body. The sleeves went really fast, and once I had them done, I was excited to finish, so the body went like the wind. Then the yoke got interesting, when I put the whole thing together, especially since my sts/" were fine but my rnds/" were too many and I had to do more rnds between the dec's. It worked out great, though!

Okay Megan,

Take your measurements find the one that works best for you in the sizing on the pattern, for instance if you are a 36" bust, divide your bust measurement by your gauge.  If this number of stitches matches 1 size down for cast on, then cast on the smaller number, and follow the same with the sleeves.  If you still have a problem with this then send a note, and I will walk you through it. 



Well, you get the fun of knitting it all over again! This time it will go faster, because you knos the pattern and it will be a little smaller, right?

Yup, but I am busy finishing my Clic, getting ready to start a new shawl, and working on dishcloths, and embroidery flour sack dish towels for the craft and bake sale in the fall.  But I will get the vest unraveled and yarn back in balls, so that I can get started.  Hubby wants me to wait on getting going on it again because he said he might lose more weight.  We'll see, as long as I don't have to add the short rows on the front, and I downsize it a little, than it should fit. 



Maybe that will give him some incentive!

Yup, incentive, that will do it.  He is very motivated now, feeling better and all.  Looking better too.  So I may need to make it up, one or two sizes smaller than now should do the trick.  Or if I make it snug for now, as he loses weight it will just be a little loose.  And even then I could take it in on the sides if I don't need to use short row shaping on him again.  I think that might do the trick. 



Good luck to you both!


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