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I have to admit it, I messed up.  Though I was on gauge.  Wasn't, made my sleeves to long before attaching, and way to big around.  So I get to frog the whole sweater, and restart, restart, restart, lol.  Oh well, isn't the first time, won't be the last.  And I had it all finished except the steeking, yikes!!!  Anyone game to start over with me after the holidays, or start for the first time????


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Hi girls,

I have been quiet the last few days, but I just have to finish hemming the bottom of CliC, then I can cut the steek,  woohoo. then I need to do the bands up the front, lol.  Almost done though, I am getting excited. 



Way to go, Janet!  Looking forward to photos of you wearing it.
I am almost done decreasing the raglan and tried it on (carefully) this morning and I think it is going to fit!!! I am not sure I understand the wrap and turn but got through attaching the sleeves and there was nothing to that, so am going to take it one step at a time and hope for the best.

Virginia, the W&T is not difficult.  Just think about what it does:  It wraps the yarn around the next unworked stitch so you don't get a hole when you do a short row.  When you get to the end of a row, you slip the next stitch (the one you will NOT be knitting/purling) onto the right needle, bring the yarn to the opposite side from where it is (to the front if knitting, to the back if purling), then slip the unworked stitch back onto the left needle, and move the yarn back to where it was originally.  Now turn the work and start knitting or purling the next row.  Voila!  W&T done!

When you get to the point where you will be working that wrapped stitch, simply pull the wrap up onto the left needle and work it together with the stitch it wraps.


very helpful. Jenny responded too with a little video and that was wonderful too. I am almost there. thanks again.

Hiya! We also have a video on our KP youtube channel that covers how to knit shorts rows and how to do the wraps & turns. Sometimes it helps to see it done if you are more of a visual learner, but like others have said it is not hard. Maybe try doing some practice rows on a swatch to work out any kinks before going onto the cardigan.


Here is the link to the short row video:


thanks for the link to the video. it was very helpful. I will watch again before actually trying it for real. Everyone is so helpful on this site. Are you doing the CLiC too?
I tried mine on for the first time yesterday (over my head) and it looks like it will probably fit least not way too big or small. I have learned so much with this project and have gotten lots of help from several kind and caring people. Next thing short rows! For some reason I am not that apprehensive about the steak but a little bit about picking up all those stitches. One step at a time. thanks to everyone that has held my hand during this process.

I am so glad that it is fitting, that is half the battle.  Yeah, glad you stuck with us.  Now we will have our sweaters in next to no time.  Short rows are easy and it is a nice way to make sweaters and stuff work around the neck area that may need a little more fabric in a wedge shape.  Short rows also work great in the bust area too.  You can really get the extra stitches where you need them, without it changing the length of the side edges, etc.  

Although, when I did my husbands cabled vest last year, I needed the extra room for his lower belly area.  Worked a few short rows, and it fit perfect.  Now I get to take it out, in this past year he has lost over 50 pounds, mainly off his belly, so the vest is way to big now, haha on me.  Have a good day,



Why, Janet, that's good news -- that your DH lost 50 pounds!  I wish mine would.  I'm making him a vest right now, so maybe I should think about adding short rows to it, too.
That would take my DH to under 100 lbs. Not gonna happen, even if he had a tapeworm, which I keep thinking he might.

I put the short rows in so that it would be under the belly area, otherwise everything rides up on him, and then his "pure white belly" would show, not something that works for me, lol.  The pattern is from Knits for Men, by Margaret Hubert.  If you want, I can take a pic and post it. 




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