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I have to admit it, I messed up.  Though I was on gauge.  Wasn't, made my sleeves to long before attaching, and way to big around.  So I get to frog the whole sweater, and restart, restart, restart, lol.  Oh well, isn't the first time, won't be the last.  And I had it all finished except the steeking, yikes!!!  Anyone game to start over with me after the holidays, or start for the first time????


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I almost have the sleeves completed, they will be finished tonight.  Then will get cracking on the body.  I plan to get it to the attaching of sleeves point, and take photos as I go, so that it will be more visual for everyone with fears/questions regarding that area.  So should have pics by this weekend to the sleeve attachment area.  Good thing it is too cold to do any sewing in my work space, so I can just concentrate on knitting, rather than distractions from sewing world, lol. 



I am still sludging along on the sleeves.  I am wanting this sweater done, but i don't want to work it.  ** that sounds like my life right now**  I have had alot of dropped sts, and i believe all of them have been fixed via crochet hook or sort; but I don't know if it is because i am doing htem 2AAT or if it is the small circles, or what- it just feels like i am not making progress.


*sigh*  i am trying to not start other projects while this one is open.

Keep at it, they will get finished.  It does take longer it seems, when doing two at a time, because you are trying to make sure that you are not tangling any of the balls of yarns with each other, etc.  Just keep at it and it will get finished.  You may need to have a second easier project on the needles that you can switch off with, just to get a break.  I usually do this when it is going to be straight stockinette, constantly, lol.  I usually like a break between sessions on a longer project.  Hope this is some encouragement for you,



When doing the sleeves 2AAT, drop the balls of yarn inside each sleeve and it will keep them from getting tangled with each other.


What a great idea! Thanks for posting!

Very good idea! My biggest hanging about 2AAT are the balls of yarn getting all tangled....problem solved from now on :)

Thanks for sharing!

You're both welcome!  Isn't that why we're here?
Something I thought about, since you are doing these 2 AAT on circs, are you having problems with the circ that you are not working with dropping stitches???  If so, perhaps putting on point protector (rubber  pieces) on the ends of the circ you are not using, will keep the stitches in place. 

I am just starting today...Wish me luck!

good luck to you. I have enjoyed this project but I have had some issues...all my own fault, tho, so it has been a learning experience.
I have had the yarn for months and have been too afraid to start...I made one other sweater before and it turned out soo bad im so afraid to mess this one up again lol.
we are all in this together :)


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