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Ok, so I just finished the sleeves for the cardigan, which I knit on dpns - presumably that was ok because they worked out fine.  Now to the Body!!  This is my first time EVER knitting a sweater in the round and I am feeling a bit daunted by it all!  Any hints and tips?  I see from looking at the construction of some peoples cardigans that they have put in a line marking the waistline - or am I just imagining it?!  First time steeking too......SCARY! 

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Well, since I haven't done this, I don't have any hints, but I'm happy to cheer you on. You will do just fine and I think you will like knitting in the round.
I didn't mark the waist on mine and the body turned out fine. I seem to remember that some knitted their sweater straight that lended less contour. I was pleased that the sweater fit well, no guess work on this pattern for me.....loved it. Good luck.
NW Ohio
Thank you! I could do with cheering on and know I can get the support here! I was just watching a kp video tutorial on magic loop and realised I couldve knit my sleeve like that! Duh.....!
Yes, the sleeves could have been done with magic loop.
I am at the same place you are. I just finished my sleeves. I had to cast my body on several times because it was too big. I ended up using the next smaller size down for the body and now it seems better. I used the same needle size for the sleeves and the body but my gauge was way off for some reason. Since I was already using a size 2 needle, I decided just to change the pattern size than the needles. I am glad that I took the time to check the fit before I got too far ahead. I also had a HORRIBLE time casting on the body stitches without twisting. I took someone's advice to cast them on a straight needles first, then knit a few rows before transferring them over on to my circular needle. It helped a lot. I am a bit anxious about the steeking too as I used a knitted in hem and not the sewn in one. I am worried about how that will steek since it's really not flat.
Good luck! It's good to know I am not the only one out there with more than a few worries!
I played with this issue a bit when I did my gauge swatch.

I did a provisional cast on with 1 strand of shadow.
I knit flat stockinette for 5 rows.
I added in the second strand of Shadow and knit a row that was a purl turning ridge on the right side (it actually turned out to be a knit row on the wrong side since I had done an odd number before it)
I cast on 6 stitches for the steek at the end of the purl ridge row.
I knit 5 rows of stockinette in the round.
I knitted 1 stitch from my needle and 1 stitch from the provisional cast on (which I'd folded in, wrong sides together) to secure my hem up.
I kept knitting to finish the gauge swatch.

I knitted a purl turning row and about 5 more rows of stockinette, then bound off.

When I was done. I sewed the steek and cut it down the center. I measured my gauge.

Just for practice, I picked up stitches, as for a front band, from along the steeked edge.

My steek layed nicely flat at the bottom where I'd knitted in the hem.
It wasn't perfect, but passable, on the top where I'd sewn down the hem and it was double thickness through the steek.

Still working on the second sleeve, so not sure which way I'll do the body.
I had never done this "steek" business either but forged ahead and my sweater turned out beautiful. It also fit perfectly. I wonder why I have been knitting back and forth for 50 years. Go for it!
Thank you all! I just love being part of this community! I was feeling lonely knitting my clc today and started to envisage problems! I can always rely on the encouragement of you all! I wonder how many people out there are wearing THIS cardigan?? I love looking at all the pictures of peoples finished efforts on here!
If you are still looking for pictures of finished CLCs, there are 144 different projects under this pattern on Ravelry, most with pictures of the FO. It is very inspirational!
I too would love to see more pictures of finished sweaters. I have all the yarn, but haven't started mine yet - had a daughter that just got married this weekend, so now I am ready to go!! Would love some pics for encouragement!!!
Yes pictures are a real good idea arent they? I have looked at some on ravelry of this cardigan and seen some real nice efforts. Even some done in a DK yarn instead of the lace weight - that sounded appealing!!! I just cast on all my stitches for the body - it took forever to count them, being that there are two strands of yarn for each stitch!
I thought I would have trouble keeping track of all the stitchess too with that many. I put a marker after every 50. It took the pressure off;)


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