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Hello everyone!!!

While we were prepping for the 100th podcast, I'm afraid my knitting life had to go on the back burner. That and a few other things. Well, as of today, I feel like I can take a deep, energizing breath and return to my fiber world. Of course, my little trip to The Black Sheep Gathering also helped focus my mind!

I am ready to begin knitting my sleeves. That gave me an idea. I am going to introduce Discussions on each significant section of knitting The Classic Lines Cardigan. I think this will be very helpful because, as you get to a section, you can review other people's experiences and be able to ask your own questions. Or, proudly announce your arrival at that stage! I'll start in the Sleeves Discussion!

I am so happy to be back with my sweater!! Just in time for summer knitting!!


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I started with my sleeves, and in my infinite wisdom, decided to do both at once using magic loop. It got a little tangly from time to time, but I put them on the waste yarn night before last. This cardigan is for my niece, she has helped me this summer taking care of my diabled sister. Her mom knows about it, but it will be a surprise for her.
Kelley, These new discussions are a welcome shot in the arm for the cardigan. I am at the stage where I am decreasing the sleeves and heading for the neckline. I had put it aside for awhile and was knitting something else. Maybe now I will have renewed interest in getting back to it. Thanks.
Exactly!! Mine languished for awhile. I suspect that I was feeling a bit lazy as I waited for our warm weather to arrive.

Now I am spending a lot of time outdoors with my Kindle propped up to read some fun mysteries. The plain knitting on the cardigan is exactly what I need!!

And, the air conditioning in our office is another incentive!
Here are 2 photos of the sleeves/
Thank you for the sections approach - we tend to wander in our discussions and that can be frustrating to the author who posed a question which gets lost in the non related discussions.

I have completed that sleeves - but did struggle at 1st with the magic loop vs double points and 1 or both sleeves at once. I tried struggled with manageing the 6 balls or yarn (2 main 1 constrast each) when working both sleeves at a time in the magic loop. I tried shoe boxed and plastic totes to manage the yarn, but ultimately surrendered and continued with on at a time. Any suggestion on managing the multiple yarn balls would be appreciated.

I had also ask a question on the underarm join - I tried to graft the body and sleeves but had issues with holes on each end -- any thoughts there?
I also hope that setting up Section Discussions will be encouraging for knitters who haven't started their sweaters. It will make it clear that they will have plenty of company no matter where they are in their sweater progress.
Does anyone have helpful hints regarding knitting after the sleeves have been joined? I followed the directions with blind faith, since i have never used this method to knit a sweater before - knitting with the sleeves attached to the body of the cardigan seems very cumbersome and more difficult than it ought to be, and once I begin the raglan decreases I fear it will only get worse.

Do I need to pull out loops in the cable to make the knitting easier? have I missed a thread that spoke to this?
I'm almost done with the decreases, coming up on the short rows. The decreases were a piece of cake. I'm using a 32" circ, and so far, I have not needed to ML, but will soon, or switch back to two circs, which I did to try on along the way. I'm going to go to DH's computer now and print off the KP tutorial. My knitting book doesn't have the directions. (I have two others on my KP wish list, to order soon.) I've done short rows on socks and other things a lot, including W&T, but this is different, and I don't want to leave holes in my work. Good thing I had a manicure, so I won't be chewing my fingernails over this! Lookin' good! --P
I did my first cardigan using two cables and knitting two at a time. To keep the yarn manageable, I put both main color balls for each sleeve in one bag, and dropped the CC ball down the sleeve when it wasn't in use. The bridge was only about 1/2" long, so I wasn't concerned about it getting caught on the fingers when wearing the sweater. It was no more difficult to manage the yarn that way than any other time I do 2 at a time, since I virtually had only 2 strands going at once (one double strand for each sleeve).

On my second cardigan, I did the sleeves one at a time, still using the 2 circs. The reason I only did one is because I am doing a different pattern, and needed to concentrate on it. I'm not giving away the pattern secret until I post pictures, but it is VERY different! I hope you'll like it.

Designbee, did you cast off the underarm stitches before adding the sleeves? That can cause the sweater to be quite hard to manage at first until you get enough rounds on it to allow it to stretch around the needle. I found it somewhat disconcerting when I did my first one, too, but after about 3 or 4 rounds, it got MUCH easier. I did use the 'loop' technique to do the first few rounds, which does help. There was another discussion about this, but I'm not sure where it is. You could do a search for it, but the gist of the discussion is repeated here. Several people said they would be grafting the underarms, and that it didn't make the knitting as tight when doing that, so I'm going to try that on this sweater. I'll post when I do it to let you all know the outcome of the different techniques.

What a good idea! Otherwise, it's hard to find the information you need when you get there. Just in time for me! My body is almost done, and the sleeves are sitting on waste yarn for me, so the real fun will start soon. --P
Actually, Peggy, it isn't as difficult to find as it would seem. When you're on the Forum page, just type a key word or words into the search window, and all the discussions that contain that information will be listed. Just browse those to find the thread you are looking for.

There's also a search box up in the upper right hand corner of the page next to the sign out box.


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