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After neglecting my sweater for a good bit of time, I finished knitting the body up to my underarms. Time to begin my sleeves.

I had planned to knit both sleeves at the same time like I usually do when I knit sleeves. Then I realized that would mean FOUR strand of yarn. I'm going to knit one sleeve at a time using the Magic Loop Method. With the third-strand stripe happening every sixth round, it will be easy for me to knit the second sleeve to match.

I like to wrap a bit of the bottom of my sweater body around my wrist to determine how many stitches to cast on for the cuffs of my sleeves.
I started with the sleeves and I'm doing both at once using magic loop. I'm about finished but had to take a break to knit some baby items for a friend who's expecting in September. I've also decided to make 3/4 length sleeves as I'm always pushing long sleeves up anyway!

Have fun with your sleeves!

I did my sleeves first up to the BO, which I haven't done yet. I have a couple of inches left before I'll have the body ready to attach the sleeves. I thought I would try it all on first and make sure the sleeves are long enough. Also, instead of doing a BO, I thought I would just put the live sts on holders at the underarms. I can Kitchner them when the sweater is done. --P
I'm not quite ready yet but I had been wondering if that would work. If you get
there before me please let me know how it turned out. ---- Judith
Started my first sleeve then put it away for awhile. Ready to get back into it now!
Whew! My great-niece was staying with us for two weeks. My knitting and spinning activities came to a screeching halt! Not that she was particularly challenging but she was a "guest" in our home who needed extra attention. Lots of discussions over phone usage, texting limitations, bedtimes, getting up to come to the office with Bob and I, etc. All things every parent has had to manage. But, remember, I don't have children so I sort of got thrown into the deep end of the pool.

So, my life is my own again, relatively speaking, and I am more than ready to get back to knitting the sleeves of my sweater!!!!
Kelley, even if you've had your own, once they are grown, it's still hard to get used to dealing with it again.

I'm glad your life is getting back to normal. (Of course, mine has never been normal. Perhaps it's me!)
Kelley. I am wondering if a size 16 circ is small enough to do the sleeves for the classic cardigan.....I started on dpns for 3 rows and have switched to the 16" circular but I feel as if the cuff/hem is stretching.....does it relax as I knit more of the sleeve? Should I use 2 circs and do two sleeves at the same time? I have never done Magic loop , but have done socks on two circs Help...and Thanks!

I'd skip the circ if your cuff feels like it's stretching. Why not use 2 circs if you've done that before? I think that's what Peggy's been doing. Hopefully, you've figured it all out by now, anyway, since I notice your post is almost a week old. :)
Thanks Amanda, I did the 2 circs until I had about two inches or more and then switched to the 16 inch circ....and it seems to be working. I have about 3 more inches to go on my first sleeve. I must be the last one to start this project!
Nope! I haven't started. It's still in my queue which is a mile long!

I have started knitting the first sleeve and even though I have a lot of experience with dbl points, I am getting a huge gap when I switch needles. Is this fixable?


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