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Here you can check in on leaving steek stitches, how to work the hem, trying on the sweater as you go to check for sizing, how to plan the placement of the side shaping, etc.

Anything that involves the body of your sweater before you join the sleeves is an ideal topic in this discussion! :)

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I have already knit the body. This was my personal quirk because I use the body of the sweater to keep myself out of trouble. I have a tendency to become so relaxed when I'm knitting in the round that my gauge becomes a bit larger. It happened again with The Classic Lines Cardigan. I knit about three inches, including the hem, put the sweater stitches on a scrap piece of yarn and literally tried it on! No great surprise, it was too big.

I am so used to this develpment that it didn't surprise me. I gathered up the excess to estimate how many stitches to remove from my original Cast On number, ripped out my knitting and cast on the "adjusted" number of stitches. I tried it on again, after a few inches, and it fits perfectly.

I try the sweater on several times, as I knit, to check the length. Once it reaches my underarms, I start knitting the sleeves.

Here's a little trick to help you knit the proper length. After I try it on, I place a split-ring marker in the fabric just below the needle. It I think I only need two more inches until I reach my underarm, I knit two inches more from the marker.
I just started the body two nights ago. I am just ready to add the lace weight for the first round. I ended up using palette from my stash with some shimmer from my stash. I knit a swatch with the palette and got exact gauge on the first try! The palette is "wood" and the shimmer is "spice." I also have enough palette in "fawn," with enough shimmer "spice" to make one for my daughter when I complete the one for my niece. I will eventually make one for myself, when I can decide on colors!
Wow! Very pretty!
I DO wish you folks would stop showing pictures of different color I want to do one of those, too! It's absolutely lovely!

I suspect all of the color options are causing several of us to postpone getting started! It's a mixed blessing to see so many options. I was glad that I was "hosting" this group. It gave me the push to just pick a selection and get started. :)
ChiDeb, that is so pretty! The stripes are very subtle, but they are definitely there. I'm sure your niece will love it. Let's see pics of your next color combination when you get started on it.
I love when I can see pics of someone's work - so inspiring! Your work is lovely.
I am having trouble with the pattern. The body part that says Begin working in stripe pattern work until body measures 15"..... work side seam decreases, then the next part says k 7 rounds plain, then work side increases. My question is do you do this all this in the 15" or the 15" then the 7 plain rounds then increases. Hope that is understandable.
Thanks for anyone's help.
Katie, you aren't the only one who was confused. Several others had that same question in an earlier discussion.

15" is the overall measurement you want to knit to get to the armhole (sleeve attachment). The increases and decreases are done within that 15" area so that the waist shaping is done before you get to the armholes. In fact, the pattern specifies on what round to start the decreases, e.g. first decrease is on round 17 and every following 8th round (for size 40). That means that on round 17 after the purl (hem turn) round, begin the decreasing.

I hope this helps.

That is what I thought that you so much!
Joanne, thank you for jumping in with help!
No problema! That's what this KAL is all about, right?


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