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Can anyone compare the gloss mango and the shadow kettle clementine yarns? is one brighter or bolder than the other? i want to use Kiss as the main color and a bright orange contrast. i saw someone's swatch with begonia and mango and the mango is close, but i would like brighter. In pic on the site, clementine looks pretty bright, on the order page it looks a little muddy but i am not sure if that is my monitor, the picture quality or what.
Thanks for any help!

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I'm using Vineyard merino for my base and Lilac Dream for the stripey. While the colors are pretty mundane (as if purple was ever mundane) I was thinking of doing a Fibonacci series for the striping. Anyone else game?
Okay... now that will be interesting. I might be game for a later version... this one, I'm gonna follow the "rules." Like I cook... first time, I made the recipe exactly as written (for the most part, heehee). Next time, I make it "mine." :-)

But I like the idea!
ok now how many people know what Fibonacci is? I know it has something to do with math, but thats it.
I DO, believe it or not, and its MATH! [gleeful giggle]; one of a handful of things I KNOW and remember, and LIKED, from the math-hell I went through getting my bachelor's!!!

More than the average person will ever want to know about the Fibonacci Sequence:
Wow, I am excited to read the Fibonacci idea. I have used it quite a bit in weaving. Aesthetically it comes out so beautifully. It is perfect for the "eye". What a great idea. I just joined, haven't gotten or even looked at the colors yet but thank you Meggles, I am going to do the same. Do you have a photo of yours???
Thank you, Meggles! I didn't know about the Fibonacci series before, but it is just what I need for the idea I have for my next sweater (Modified, of course -- I don't think 144 rows between stripes will work. LOL) I thought I was going to have to figure all that out myself. I should have known it would be out there somewhere.

I took you up on the challenge, Meggles. Here's my sweater using the Fibonacci series to 21 to change colors. I have also posted it in the "Post Photos of your Finished Sweaters" thread with more of an explanation.

i have the vineyard merino also, but i have some ironstone, glittery stuff that i want to use as the carryalong and it is pastel pink, blue and lilac. it is also slightly slubby, but very fine. i don't like the stripe pattern in this and was thinking of using 2,3 and 5 as my numbers for the extra thread instead. but can't decide what other color to use as the main color for the sweater. thinking a darker color. or a bare color. need to order something as have nothing to swatch with though.
i did figure out i would probably need more like 600 yards for the carry along which is very close to what i have.
The safest way to choose colors would be to invest in Color Cards. You'll be able to hold the colors next to each other and see exactly what the differences are between each option. Color is so subjective its really hard to describe subtle variations to someone. :-\
Thanks for the color card suggestion. I actually have them in my cart as I type. Along with the yarn I think I want. I didn't want to order the color cards and pay shipping only to turn around and order the yarn and pay shippong again. I know color preference is individual, I just need to know if clementine is bright and clear or muddy
Yeah... I don't have most of the colors you referenced, myself, so I couldn't begin to give an opinion about the colors themselves. I have Gloss Mango, but none of the others to compare it with.

I can appreciate not wanting to wait to order Color Cards... with enough of something else to get free shipping, of course :-) ... and then turn around and make a second order, again, large enough for free shipping, of course... and have $100 or more in orders in a month's time. :-\ But, the safest way to choose colors is either with Color Cards or if you've already got some yarn in the same color even if it isn't the same yarn... which isn't always possible.

I try to get new Color Cards not long after new colors come out of the ones I use most often, cuz I'm a "color snob." If I don't like it, I really don't like it. And I don't care for unpleasant surprises. And, I don't trust either my monitors or the catalogs for accurate color representation cuz some colors just refuse to cooperate with digital representations. Of course, I probably order more often than a lot of other people do... sad to say. LOL!
Thanks for your help Elianastar. I also don't trust the monitor colors or the catalogs. I am only looking for someone that has seen both colors and can give me their opinion on which is the brighter, clearer color. Perhaps customer service can be of more help. :)


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