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I've just finished the sleeves of my classic lines cardigan and now I'd like some suggestions on sizes for the body.  I'm short waisted so I'd like to make the cardigan a bit shorter and my hips are 44" and my chest measurement is 40".  Should I make the body using the chest measurement or start a larger size for my hip measurement and then try and make the cardigan a bit smaller for the chest measurement? I love the sweater and yarn but I don't want to make this too complicated.  I've checked the discussions and it seems that there isn't any ease in the pattern -- I'll really appreciate any suggestions.
Thanks, Charlotte

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I'm not sure I have great advice.
I finished my sweater, and all I have left to do is sew down the front band facing/hems.

There isn't much ease in the pattern, as it's a cardigan which is intended to be a bit open in the front when it is worn. So it will be more or less open depending on what size you make, assuming the back between-the-armholes distance is right for you.

I will point out that there is some shaping to the body with decreases from hip to waist and then increases to bust.

If you are going to modify the length, you will need to adjust the increase and decrease rates and placement.

I didn't get the fit right on mine, though I can't say I really tried. I knit to the pattern except for making the sleeves longer than called for, as they seemed to short when I tried them on. That surprised me, as I'm heavy and short (5'2") and sleeves are always too long on me. Of course, when I got the sleeves in the sweater and tried it on, the sleeves were too long. I hadn't really anticipated how the sleeves fit when they were attatched to the yoke.

I didn't make an effort to modify the waist shaping, and, not surprisingly, it doesn't hit me in the right place.

That said, I still love my sweater. It came out sort of big and oversized like a 'boyfriend sweater' and I'm looking forward to finishing the last bit of sewing and wearing it now that the weater has gotten chilly.
Beth, your comment seems reasonable. I don't do body shaping on sweaters for myself, because I look better with a little added bulk to compensate for my more ample lower torso. If you're shorter-waisted and plan on doing the shaping, you will have to do it more rapidly and add back faster, too.
Beth, I'm glad you mentioned the back measurement between the armholes -- I'm going to see which size will give me the best fit. When I usually knit a sweater, I just pick a size by chest measurement, check the gauge and everything turns out OK. I've never steeked before and I think I'm intimidated about getting a sweater completed and then not being able to alter it.
I've watched the KAL discussion about the sleeve length and from what you said I think I'll just leave them the length stated in the pattern.
I think I'll just pick an appropriate size and start knitting -- now I need to think about Peggy's idea of no shaping -- the discussions are great but I never would have spent so much time thinking about how to knit a pattern!
One of the nice things about the steek is, if you discover after you have done a lot of the body that your sweater is going to be too big, you can just continue knitting until you get to where you add the sleeves, refigure how many sts you need for the back, place the armholes according to that and cut away the extra fabric when you do the steek.
You might also consider doing the decreases to the waist and then not increasing or not as much for the bust, since you say your bust is smaller than your hips.
I was just thinking about trying what you suggested -- what a coincidence! By my "math" calculations I think that would maybe solve the problem. I wonder if anyone else has tried this -- if so please let me know how it turned out.
Peggy really helped with the idea of taking out the extra fabric when you do the steek -- but I wonder if I could refigure out where to place the armholes. This will be my first steek experience -- I think it's a great technique but it is making me nervous!
I love the way the knitted fabric has turned out so I'm sure I'm going to love the sweater. I could always knit another one! I think it's time to pick a size and get knitting --"reckless abandon"
Thanks so much for the suggestions.
To figure out where to place the armholes, try it on (if you have a spare circ, put half of the sts on it to try on, or you can run a needle and extra yarn through half of the sts. See how much you have to take out. Subtract the number of extra sts you have from your total, and that's your new total. Half of those will be for the back. See what size is closest to your new total and use that for the number of sts to reserve for the underarm when. You add the sleeves.


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