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I just finished sewing the neck band down and it looks so big. It looks wide.   Is it suppose to look that way or did I do something wrong?  I have not cut the steek yet.



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Yes, this sweater has a wide neck. When you wear it over a shirt, it looks fine.
I don't think I did it correctly because when I did the short rows I turned before I could continue with the stripe yarn and there is big area before the neck that doesn't have the stripe. I might rip it out I think I did the wrap and turn (short rows wrong).

Thanks for your help.

Mickey, there are no stripes on the neck, so when you do the wrap and turn, there shouldn't be any stripes. If you post a picture of your sweater's neck area, it'll be easier to see if you have a problem or not.

I attached the sweater not sure if you will be able to see it good.

Thanks, Mickey
I love the colors!
If I can only get it right. I neck is way too big. I'm going to rip it out. I did something wrong.
Well, now you get extra knitting pleasure.
Can't really see the neck too well, but it does look big. It looks like your neck is a stand up collar, and it should lie flat. Are you doing the wrap and turn correctly? That can be a little tricky.
This is what I am having trouble with. I ripped it out and now I'm trying to do the W & T. Do you stop 6 stitches before the beginning marker? Do you just do one W&T after the 6 stitches (Row 1 of Neckline). Is is always just one W & T at the end?

I think I'm over my head with this pattern.
OK. Let me read the pattern and I'll let you know....

Ther are two things going on at the same time for the neckline. You've got the Wrap & Turn, and you are also continuing the raglan decreases for the sleeve/shoulder. I wonder if you didn't notice that? The first W&T is done 6 stitches before the beginning of round marker (which is on one side of the steek), then do a W&T 6 sts before the marker on the other side of the steek. Then, on row 3, you do your decreases AS WELL AS the W&T. After the first 2 rows, you do your W&T the specified number of stitches before the prior wrap. In other words, the first W&T was 6 stitches before the marker. The next one is 4 stitches before the prior wrap, or 10 stitches before the marker. You continue doing the raglan decreases every other row (RS), and also when you go back to knitting in the round.

Does this help? The fact that your neckline stands up makes me think you missed the part about continuing the raglan decreases.

I read your instructions and I think I did it that way but it certainly looked real big so maybe I didn't do the decreases. I'll try it again. I'm going out in a few so I'll have to do it tomorrow.

I appreciate your help. I feel stupid. I usually do better when people can show me in person then I pick up on it.


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