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            I got the DVD of the baby suprise jacket last Thursday but have not been able to work on it

   until now. I think that I get it now I feel like the tortoise from the tortoise and the hare. I may be a little slow but I will get there. Thank You Cheryl for telling me about  checking with Schoolhouse press about the pattern also. that will have to wait until next week, but I think that I have it now, will post pictures

 when able to do so.

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True... and some are not having children at all... or fewer...
It's a good thing, actually.
My stepkids are the parents in my crowd -- my unmarried 20 something DDs aren't in any rush for ANYTHING so I can only imagine that children will (maybe) be WAY down the road.  But with seven siblings of my own the great neices and nephews ar wonderful!  And so are my DDs!
Well, my day has come (after a 17-year drought), and I'm basking in it! DD was 37 when DGD2 was born and will be 39 for the next one. That's cutting it a little close. DS2 is going to be 35 in November, still childless, but I'm sure the newlyweds will pop one out eventually.
Well, I must say that was the greatest thing about my MIL, she never ever asked us when she would have grandchildren. DH was 30 and I was just shy of 30. So if it happens it happens, and if it doesn't, it doesn't. That's just the way life is.
Out of four boys, at least one is likely to produce offspring! It would be nice if it were in your lifetime! It's best not to hold your breath, though. It doesn't make them come any sooner.
I love your BSJ's Cheryl!  so cute!
Thanks, Becky. I redid the shoulder seems and will try to get some pics up real soon. It was a long weekend. DH had to have a second surgery for kidney stones. But this time he is feeling much better. So it looks like this may have done the trick. We still have to wait to see what his X-rays say.
So glad the surgery is behind him! Continued finger crossing for the success of the procedure.
Thanks, Cathie. I can only imagine you are one who should definitely know how bad this surgery can be. I hope you are doing better as well.
If I were any better there would be two of me!  Thanks for you kind thoughts.  (final check in tomorrow with the kidney doc -- expecting a gold star this time)
Well, I hope you are wearing a gold star now. I always like to stick mine on my forehead.


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