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            I got the DVD of the baby suprise jacket last Thursday but have not been able to work on it

   until now. I think that I get it now I feel like the tortoise from the tortoise and the hare. I may be a little slow but I will get there. Thank You Cheryl for telling me about  checking with Schoolhouse press about the pattern also. that will have to wait until next week, but I think that I have it now, will post pictures

 when able to do so.

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Thanks -- more current than the old one -- more silver than blond hair, for sure!
I keep the coding in my notepad app and copy and paste. If you can't find a better solution, you could do that. I could email the coding, buy I can't post it, because it tries to post a photo, LOL!
Thanks!  When it hangs up I just have to remember to switch to Firefox!
That's easier than what I have to do, believe me!
Cathie, I had so many problems with IE that I won't use it anymore.
Looks like I'll be making some more of these - another coworker is having a grand daughter due in November.  I ordered 3 skeins each of Comfy Sport in:  Ivory, Flamingo, and Lilac Mist.  I still haven't decided though on if I'll do one of each color with stripes of the other two or what other combinations.  Any ideas?
That sounds like a great combo! Or use any two!
LOL... can't believe all the babies being born... I have another grandchild due on soon as we know the sex, I'll be making at least one more.
Me, too! April, though.

My godson and wife are due in February and there is another BSJ in my future, too.  The last two I made were with Comfy Sport and they turned out beautifully.  The last one I did had some narrow stripes on the sleeves and a solid sweater body and I liked that a lot.  Your colors are so pretty!

Ask Susan before doing lots of individual stripes, everyone! She will tell you not to, or at least not to cut each one but carry them along the edge instead! What a lot of weaving/darning in!

Peggy is right... I did small stripes on mine... NEVER again!



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