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Hello everyone!

I saw this come across the blogs, and I left Evelyn a message saying I reposted her question in this group, thought there might be more of a chance someone else catching her question in this wonderful group :)


i got my pattern from the bad around the yarn. the yarn soft creations by TMA.
cast on 123st.
k 12 rows in garter
row 1 k 10, put marker on kneedle,*p 2,(k1,yo,k1,p2) 5times,put marker
k5, put marker, repeat from* 3times more,
ending last repete k10 insead of k5.

i always have 2 or 3 stitches left.
what am i doing wrong? how do i count this to come out right?
do i count the *p2 in with the ( )?


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Are you sure there are no "p2 tog" or "k2 tog" in the pattern?  Without doping this out further the pattern is increasing every row with the yo's without a decrease in the repeat sho it should be getting wider and wider . . . ?

That's just that row. I'm sure a later row will take care of it.

I have looked the pattern over again and do not find any thing about P2tog. I do thank all of you ladies in trying to help me. I will try the second row like Peggy said and see what happens.

Let us know if you still need help. I think it will work out, though.

P2 (K1, yo, k1,p2) 5 times uses 22 sts (Ignore the YOs for now. They will add sts but not use them). You should be using the following numbers of sts:
10 - 22 - 5 - 22 - 5 - 22 - 5 - 22 - 10
This adds up to 123. You should have 27 sts between the markers, counting the YOs. I would count all the sts between each set of markers. I think you'll find you have fewer somewhere.
Ball band patterns can be iffy, but this sounds right to me. Hope this helps.


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