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Ok here is the situation.

I am knitting some cables with a central Purl st that doesn’t move and is always between the two sets of two Knit sts that are crossing.



The --> & <-- are where to two columns of knits get cabled.

Hopefully the situation is clear enough to everybody. Now for the question.

When you work the cable, the purl st gets twisted because the sts on either side of it are being moved. The back leg of the loop becomes the lead leg. My question is whether you would purl it as is, or untwist/ptbl.

I realize this one st is actually hidden behind the cable and probably won’t be seen, but still I would like to hear other people’s input.

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You know, I was on my lunch break when I saw this so I knitted a couple iterations of the cable you described (yes, I am that kind of knitter who keeps a little yarn and a set of needles in the desk just in case I want to see what something looks like . . . feel free to judge me) and I think that it looks fine with the purl stitch treated normally.  I have made this type of cable before and that extra stitch seems to "fill" the cross nicely and I don't notice a distortion.  Just one knitters opinion.

Cathy, I don't find it weird that you keep needles and yarn in your desk "just in case." I would do the same. In fact, I have done the same. We used to have Knit Night at my office. So it makes perfect sense to me.

Adam, I've never done this type of cable. It sounds interesting. But Cathy having done a test, I would go with what she says.

PS: the only odd question is the one not asked.

I agree with Cathie and Cheryl. And I tend to have yarn around to test things, too! It's good to ask questions.


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