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The founding Fairy Godknitters are cherylbwaters, Susan the Blue Lake Knitter and Peggy Stuart.
Some time ago a fellow knitter dubbed us "The Fairy Godknitters," because when someone has a problem, we tend to appear, wave our magic wands (or try to), and often make the problem disappear. Often other experienced knitters act as "Fairy Godknitters," as well.
Post your knitting problems here as a new discussion, and we will try to answer it. Please include photos and links to your pattern if possible and appropriate.
Want to help your fellow knitters? You can be a Fairy Godknitter, too! Between the three of us, we have a lot of experience, but we don't know everything, and often another perspective is useful.
Tell us who you are in this discussion. Pop in and say, "Hi!"

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I'm Peggy Stuart. I have been knitting since 1950, but have learned more about knitting since discovering the Knitting Community several years ago (I'm thinking about June 2008) than in all the years leading up to that time. This website has taught me a lot, and has been a source of inspiration.
Click on my avatar if you want to know more about me. That will take you to my page with links to my photos and my weekly blog. I knit continental style, but started as a thrower. I have done lots of different kinds of projects, such as Aran, stranded, entrelac, socks, toys and felting. I have also done a lot of crochet, although they were mostly simple designs.

I'm Susan, the Blue Lake Knitter.  I have been knitting since 2005, and the KP Community has also been a source or inspiration and learning since I joined here in 2007.  Not only have I learned a lot here, but I have made friends with some wonderful knitters and crocheters. 

If you click on my avatar, you can learn more about me, and also see some of the pictures of projects I have completed.  I am a thrower, but make up for my speed deficit with lots of determination!  I have done entrelac, socks, lace, stranded, toys and felting. 

I do a little crochet from time to time, but knitting is probably my favorite outlet for my fiber creativity. 

I forgot to mention lace! Yes, Susan! You are a machine!
LOL, Peggy...maybe I should replace my avatar with a picture of one of those knitting machines. 

Hi, I'm Nutty.  I've been knitting since 2001, but crocheting since I was six.  I joined the KP Community a year ago and I'm so glad I did.  There's a lot of fun to be had here, as well as help and encouragement.  I've been dubbed a 'perfectionist' by several people throughout my life, although I prefer to consider myself as one who strives for excellence in what I do.  Whatever the case, it could be that part of me that makes technical difficulties, and solving problems a joy to me!  Seriously!  And it's so much fun to be able to help someone 'save' that project that they think they will never be able to figure out.  You could go to my page to look at my pictures, but you won't find too many there.  I'm planning to change that, soon, though!

Where knitting is concerned, my passion is lace, but I've also done socks, felting, sweaters, Fair Isle, Intarsia, and I can't remember what else!

In crochet, I've done just about everything!

I was hoping you would join us! You're always so helpful when someone has a Problem! We may get some spinning questions here, too, and you're one of our resident experts!
Thanks for the vote of confidence!  I think this is a great idea!
I was thinking the same thing... Nutty is one of our resident experts FOR SURE!

I'm Joanne, aka Jo.  I've been knitting almost as long as Peggy has, and crocheting since 1970.  I also started spinning a couple of years ago.  I do love all the fiber arts I've tried, and am a true fiberholic!  I knit cables, lace, socks, faire isle, intarsia, and brioche.  I have done almost as much in crochet as in knitting.  My new love is spinning to create beautiful handknit items (still working on that, though!).

I agree with Peggy -- I have learned a WHOLE LOT since I joined this community in 2009, and I hope to be able to give back as much as I learned.

Jo, we're sooo happy to have you! Your experience is invaluable and you're always ready to help!
I am Marty AZ or martyc on Ravelry. I have knit off and on for about 70 years having learned at my Mother's knee. I have learned more in the past 3 or 4 years than in the 70 years before that. The afore mentioned Fairy GodKnitters have taught me lots. I have not done felting nor entrelac nor a few other of the exotic techniques. I like to do lace. I knit both throwing and continental. I have done crochet but prefer knitting. I belong to a knitting group in the retirement community where I live. I love to teach. I like Magic Loop instead of DPN's. This should be a fun group.
Another one of our honorary Fairy Godknitters! I've also found out recently that she knows a lot about iTunes!


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