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OK, I'm not a newbie, but somehow I have never had a pattern with this stitch in it. I love the way the pic looks, so I would really like to dublicate it.  Even though the instructions seem pretty simple, I cannot visualize how this stitch is suppose to look...

The pattern is here:

And the instructions state:

Row 1 (RS): P1, * K1, P1, rep from * to end.

Row 2: * K1, P1, rep from * to last st, K1.

Row 3: As row 2.

Row 4: As row 1.

These 4 rows set double moss stitch.

If I cannot feel good about how this should be knit, I may change it to a seed stitch.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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Susan, the double moss is my FAVE ground stitch.  Let's see if this helps.  It is a four row pattern of alternating knit and purl sts.  Rows 1: work your knit 1, purl 1 pattern, Row 2: work knit over knit, purl over purl.  Row 3: work purl over knit, knit over purl,  Row 4: knit over knit, purl over purl.  When you begin row 1 again, it will be a knit over purl, purl over knit.

Sometimes chaning the wording to represent how I will see the stitches as I look at the knitted item helps me visualize better.

Perfect analysis, Nutty! It's like seed st except that you do a row of matching the st below before a row of knitting the opposite. I love how it looks. It's used a lot in Aran knitting. There's a lot of it in the Landscape shawl. Nice! Seed st is nice, too. Just looks a little different.

Peggy, Thanks for the added info...both descriptions were better than anything I have found.  I love the seed stitch, too... it is super simple for me. 

Nutty!  Thank you so so much... I've been studying this all day, and I thought I had the sequence right, but YOUR description is so, so marvelous!  One person sent me some instructions, and the phrase "work each stitch in the manner it presents"... I HATE that phrase, which means absolutely nothing to me.  But your description is PERFECT... ever thought about teaching knitting?  LOL 

Thanks Susan and Peggy!  Teaching knitting?  Well, I do.......and I do on occassion.  Three of the Little Ones are in the beginning learner stage.  And......I teach a class at my LYS every once in a while.  Having babies to take along kind of preciptates doing it too often.  Besides, the owners usually handle the beginning stuff.  Most of the outside teachers usually do some kind of KAL class.

Thanks again Nutty, I started the Double Moss Stitch portion of the back and it is looking great... just wanted to post a pic to let you know that  I GOT IT!!

Yea!!  And you're welcome!!  That looks fantastic! I'd love to curl up in it right about now!  Well, at least as soon as it was big enought to curl up in! =))

Thanks!  I think it will be super warm when finished...


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