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I am a 'relearning to knit' knitter after many years away. One thing I never learned was how to identify yarn, other than reading labels. My mother-in-law recently passed away at a great old age after a lifetime of knitting for family, friends and charities. Nobody else in the family knits; and none of us were ever given any care instructions for any of the mittens, scarves and hats we've received over the years. Knowing that I was once again knitting, I was given a large tub full of her yarn. Much was labeled - most being Reynolds Lopi in various colors, but some acrylic, and some wool/acrylic blend. And then... there are about a dozen large balls and skeins that do not match anything labeled. Some is bulky to super-bulky, others to me seem more worsted to heavy worsted. And, I've been told, there is more yarn headed my way for me to sort through. Is there a way to tell all-wool from a blend? What gauge would be best to try first? Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

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Being married to a recently retired Firefighter for many years, I'd probably do it outside.  But then only when he isn't home - lol.  No candles are allowed  to be burned here, no sir-ee! 

Excellent idea to do this in the garage!

I have a similar question, and I think Nutty knows the answer. I want to buy some sock yarn from a woman in Israel. She lists the yarn as sock yarn, 100gms, but only 290 yards. So I messaged her about the weight. Here's what she said.

Now, for the yarn:
Comparing it to a new, unwashed skein of Noro Kureyon sock yarn, which I have here, using the wraps-per-inch method, I get 17 wraps per inch on the Noro, and 15 wraps on my sock yarn. So it IS a bit thicker, but not enough to take it up to the next level on the chart.

So somewhere there is an answer to how much yardage is in a 100gm ball that is 15 WPI. She is willing go knit a swatch, but how would that help?

I'm depending on you, Fairy Godknitters. Thanks in advance.

Anna, there is controversy on using WPI as a method of determining yarn weight. There has been some study that even if you take very experienced spinners and ask them to determine WPI on a specific yarn that you will probably get the same number of different answers as spinners you have asked. It is definitely not a precise measurement.

Just a guess, but it might be a yarn that is more of a sport weight - which many people do use for socks, and might refer to as "sock" yarn but it is heavier than a fingering sock yarn.


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