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If you have any problems with your needles, please contact Knit Picks Customer Service at 1.800.574.1323. Thanks!

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Hi Corinne

Yes, please contact us either by phone 1-800-574-1323 or through our webform & we'll be glad to help you out.

Customer Service
I have a question about circular needles. I'm in the process of making a knit-down sweater and am now working on the arms, having to use two circs. The smallest one is 24" so is too long to do the sleeve on one circ.
What is the minimum number of stitches workable on one 24"?

By the way, I have the Acrylic Interchangeables and I love them! Just wish I could find a project to use others besides the 5 - 5.5 mm sizes!
I use two 24" circs for sleeves, same as for socks. You could do a sleeve on a 16" circ, but I find that cumbersome and I have trouble being comfortable with the shorter tips. If you only have one pair of the right size tips, you can put one on each of two cables, and put one size smaller (or more) on the other end of each. Use the correct size for the tip you knit off with and the other to just slide the sts along from the cable to the tip you're knitting with. I've never had it affect the gauge. I don't know how many sts you have to have on a 24" circ, but you could work until it isn't comfortable anymore and then switch to Magic Loop by pulling out a loop between two sts to take up the extra cable length. If you do this, a longer cable is a little easier, but I've done it with 24" because I'm too lazy to switch!
what I'm using now is 1 24" (5mm) circ and another make one which is probably 36" but which is a different color & make (5mm) so not too confusing. I would have liked to have done both sleeves at the same time, but couldn't figure out how to do that. Maybe next time. In addition it's a striped sweater, so every five rows the color changes.
Can I send a picture? I'll try
That looks great! (Looks like only one circ is interchangeable, so my suggestion wouldn't work, unless you have another cable and another set of tips. This seems to be working, though!) you must be very pleased with your sweater!

Have you ever tried magic loop? This might be a solution. Though it looks like you already know how to use the 2 circs method.

Then number of stitches workable on a 24" circ will depend on gauge.

I ordered my first order from Knit Picks, a Zephyr Set and a View Sizer.


Should be getting it in a few days. So excited!

I think you will like these. I still prefer the NP [nickel plated] needles, but I have used these tips also. They are a little sticky in comparison to the NP. Should they be too sticky, just wash them with a little soapy water and they will be fine. I had to wash mine but we have very high humidity here.

That's what I plan on doing along with making sure the connectors work right after I open the box.


Also, the NPs and Harmonies Sets are in my Wish List. Mwuahaha!


Must own them all! LOL!

The stand is really nice! I have one for each type of points. I also
have some needle pullers to make sure they stay tight. You can get them
in the notions sections at any fabric store. They are just little
flexible pieces of rubber. I think Peggy Stuart just uses rubber shelf
liner, but I like the size of the needle pullers. If you use that with
the key that comes with the set, it tightens it up really nicely.
Awesome! Didn't know about that other than I saw that with the Boye Needlemaster it came with the set. I was so torn between Denise, Boye, and Knit Picks. Finally made my decision though and very happy with it!
I love the little stand. I have the Harmony set and the Zephyr set. I really want the NP set, too. I just have a few of the tips, and all of the fixed NPs in the 12" size.


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