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Here's where you can post feedback and questions about our Zephyr Acrylic Interchangeable Needles.

If you have any problems with your needles, please contact Knit Picks Customer Service at 1.800.574.1323. Thanks!

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I was tight New Year's Eve, but not my knitting!
I was tight, too! And it wasn't my knitting either!
It was the champagne! It creeps up on you. Good thing I didn't have a hangover.

I recently purchased the "Try It" set... I love the Zephyrs!  I want to buy the entire set!!!

I did have one problem: I could not get the cable off the needle!  The needle turns as I'm turning the cable. 

My solution: I went to the kitchen and used the "gripper" thingy I use for opening jars!  It worked!

The next time I used the Zephyrs, I didn't have a problem.


Oh, I used the Zephyr (and Harmony Wood) to make an Entrelac Vest.  You can see it on my Ravelry page.


Those gripper things are great!!  I use a rubber band that came on broccoli and it works the same way.  To keep track of it- I strung one of the needle 'keys' and the rubber band on one of those old fashioned kind of 'ball' keychains and hooked it to the zipper pull on my needles case.  They're always handy- and both together when I need them.  I can use them without taking anything off and having to put it back on.  I'm bad about putting things away.  :)

Glad you liked the Zephyrs!  Some people swear by them.  :)  I like the harmony wood best myself. :)

Your entrelac vest is gorgeous!  Wow!  Really vibrant colors.  Cute!

Thanks for the rubber band and key tip!  Great idea. 


I love the colors in the vest also; my daughter thinks there are too many colors!

Sharon, your vest is beautiful.

I have a quilting needle gripper that I use to tighten and untighten my tips. But I like Peggy Sue's idea of keeping a rubber band with her key. This is the second hint she has given this week about using rubber bands. She is such a clever little chicken, I mean rooster! My favorite is the nickel plated tips.

Thank you.

I don't own any of the nickel plated, but I love my HW DPNs!


Has anyone had a problem where they feel as if their zephyr needles are a little weak, especially in smaller sizes?

I haven't really had any problems with my zephyrs. They did feel a bit sticky when I first got them but soap and water took care of that problem. Even though I do have zephyrs, I still default to my nickel plated.

That seems to be the way I go too. Thanks!

You're welcome.


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