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Here's where you can post feedback and questions about our Zephyr Acrylic Interchangeable Needles.

If you have any problems with your needles, please contact Knit Picks Customer Service at 1.800.574.1323. Thanks!

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No, certainly want to keep scissors away from this one.
oh peggy, what a beauitful hat!! (the owl and seed stitch one) is there a pattern?
Jenny- it's HERE on Ravelry. It is such a cutie!!
thanbk you so much! :o)
So far I've not had any problems with my Zephyr needles but have found two that when I tighten them after attaching the cables it just continues to turn. I haven't had the screw in part come out but wonder if it could be a problem down the line.
Corinne, I suggest you contact customer service. They will probably replace them. Is it the plastic turning around in the metal?
I agree. You should contact customer service if it's the acrylic tip turning around in the metal socket. If it's the screw that is turning, it can come unscrewed if you don't tighten it enough. I hold the tip section at the base (on the metal part) with a piece of plastic shelf liner to keep it from slipping while I turn the cable part with the little tightening tool. To take them apart, I hold them the same way. Don't hold onto the acrylic tip to do this.
I agree with that but instead of the shelf liner I have some small needle grippers from the sewing notions section that I use. Please let us know the outcome.
Gonna have to get myself some of those!
They are a nice size to work with on tightening the tips.
Usr those to, love them, Irene

Yes, as I attempt to tighten some of them they just continue to turn.  I am waiting until after the holidays and mail isn't all piled up before I address the problem. 


Thanks for your reply!


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