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Last year I knit gifts for my 2 sisters, they got hats and accessories (Cheri got a cowl and Jessica got fingerless gloves). This year Mom and Dad have both requested knitted gifts, I guess they felt left out. Dad loves Harry Potter so he's getting a Harry Potter scarf and Mom *really* wants a pair of yoga socks. I've never knit socks before, so I have a feeling I'm going to need lots of advice!

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yep i finished a week early too! i wrote every night from 9-11 after my kids were sleeping, now however, my littlest decided that she no longer needs to sleep.
I truly understand. I started law school when our 4th was 5 months old. I would be up at night nursing him and reading law books.
DS and his new scarf--he's upstairs playing, using his NEW music stand, and wearing the finally completed scarf..

It looks very nice on him! --S
thanks..he was very happy to get another!
Oh, Mary, it was so nice for him to pose for us. Please thank him for doing so!

PS, he is a cutie pie!
Great scarf and he is cute! Is that pattern on Ravelry?
I'm not sure how I found it in the first place actually. I made the first one fall 2008. I checked Kntting on the Net, Knitting Pattern Central and Ravelry..none were mine.. On the bottom of the page where I printed it out, it says I checked-the site is no longer there-it says if it comes up again it will be just for cabbage patch items...sigh...I could mail it to you if you would like it? It's not a full size "keyboard " like others, but he likes them that way...just let me know--always happy to help !
I am currently working on a Nordic Headband (Alpaca/Wool) for my neighbor/friend who is also my son's riding instructor (pattern from Ravelry).
I am "planning" to knit scarfs for my son's Preschool teacher(s) (Main teacher with 2 assistants) ~~ a pair of wool socks for my son (I knit him a pair or two every year ~~ he loves them for when he goes outside to play in the snow!).
I saw a couple of comments about the snowmen that people are knitting for gifts has peaked my curiosity....I may have to do some of them too ~~ package toppers...or just extra gifts for friends! :)
Last year I knitted toys for the 4 little grandkids, this year they will receive mittens and I am going to try to make scarfs, shawls for the daughters and daughter in law. my question has anyone made the northampton neckerchief from the book New England Knits. I have it started and it is a circular but the finished size is 30" square, how can that be. My daughter told me to keep knitting and stop thinking about it. let me know if any one has made it. sharon
Sharon, click here for Knit4Many's latest blog. She just finished one and I know she varied the pattern because her initial square was with some of her homespun.

Well I am almost finished with the new england kerchief I sure hope I have enough yarn one more row enclosed is a pic from before the weekend when two little granddaughters came over for a sleep over. we are going to FL for the winter and had to have a sleep over with choc ice cream


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