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Oh, Cheryl, you are a dream come true. I was dreading do this. Now we can make replies to the various topics!
Glad to help you get going!
I've made the LB penguin for a friend, and it is very cute. I'm eager to try the little sweater ornaments. KP last year had a kit of Christmas decorations that include tiny sweaters. I was envious of my friend who got the kit. Now I can do my own. Can't wait. The Polka Dot stocking is very cute too. And, I like the idea of the post-stitch stocking cap because it uses sock yarn instead of worsted. Thanks for all the ideas.
Since I don't crochet, I'm so glad I have some crocheted snowflakes from one of my grandmothers.
The Michaels ones are really easy, you should try them! I have a white yarn with a silver thread through it that I use for them, but I also use crochet thread, and give it bits of glitter glue here, and there.  I'll try to get a pic on here....

The Paton site requires member log-in.  Free, but you have to sign up.

(if the link is at Crochet Pattern Central, you can bypass sign up and view the pattern)

I have a fave Snowflake pattern somewhere...I made a ton one year.

I'm on a ton of the yarn sites, I just use the same login and password for them all.  It's free, because I don't pay to be on anything in here.  They have great patterns for their own yarns.  If you click the right things, you don't have to worry about them fillin up your inbox with spam.

I got bored with my Baktus, so I decided to do some snowflakes. These (Michaels) are really easy. I made one with Vanna's Glamour, a white yarn with a silver thread running through it. Here's a shot from my phone, and it is not blocked or anything. I'd like to stiffen it. What is your favorite way to stiffen snowflakes?

Usually, Hairspray.  I rarely stiffen them.  That turned out really pretty.

2 resources:

Crochet Memories Stiffeners

Crafter's Stiffeners

I use good ol' spray starch.  I'll show you, I finished a bunch, and got pics.  I just have to remember to load them. (:
I tacked these down on cardboard, sprayed them down, and used the hair dryer to dry them. As you can see, it does a pretty good job.  I was thinking of watering down fabric glue and trying that for the really flimsy ones like this.


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