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Okay, we all know I can't crochet, but here is my list of knitted Christmas items:

At least 5 Christmas stockings, maybe 7 if the great nephew twins come early. Only 1 is almost finished.

Hats for my boys.

Socks for DH.

Targis socks for my DDIL, as she is a huge Doctor Who fan.

Right now I'm hoping to finish the stockings!

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One hat and scarf set, nearly finished, one hat, scarf, and mitten set with just the mittens left, a sweater, half finished, a doll dress just started, 2 animals not started, and an apron that is neither knit or crochet.  And piles of snowflakes to make into sets.
Hat/ scarf set finished!  Wohoo! Going to focus on getting the mittens done... The H/S/ mitten set is in a superfine chenille, so I gotta work by feel, because there aren't that many patterns for nearly lace weight mittens. (:  Doll dress is being worked on at work, sweater has been frogged in relief and slipper socks are the replacement, and one set of snowflakes ready to go.

Amanda, you are busy. I've got the toes done on my mom's socks, most of Molly's hat done, and that's it. :(

Anyway, I found a cute pattern for a framed earring holder. I got something similar many many years ago and still use it. I think this will be good for my nieces. You can find inexpensive frames at Goodwill. 

The dollar store is good too for frames.


I'm actually lucky enough that that is my entire gift list. 2 sets of snowflakes for family that lives where it doesn't snow, the sweater was actually started  for last years Christmas, but never finished. I'm using Bernat baby blanket yarn for the hat and scarf... That. Is. THE YUMMIEST. Yarn!

I have moms Baktus scarf completed, the boys will get cash and a hug, and dh maybe a new crochet, fingering weight hat.  I made more baktus scarves I had planned to give to sils, but sent them to PRR instead. 

My mind isn't really on the holidays so much as winter and cold weather wearables and items for the house.

Diana, I'm about 1/3 the way through my mom's Baktus, and it curls like all get out. Do yours, and it goes away with blocking? I would be 1/2 way through if I didn't rip out so many rows and redo them. DH says it has something to do with perfectionism...well, it's a gift. If it was for me, I might not mind a few crooked rows.

The fingering weight yarn does want to curl, mainly edges. If your tension is too tight it might make it worse.  Upsize the hook, add your fave music in the background, think relaxing, happy thoughts.  It's a gift of love and will be just fine.  With the edging and light blocking it should improve any oopsies.  Could add furry edging, too.

I found the Amazing Crobaktus much easier to make(mom's...the colors were perfect) and no curl.  The spiral scarf for her birthday turned out with a bit of oopsie and I added, turquoise eyelash LB fun-fur.  Perfection! bwg

Excellent suggestions!

Since AfterBurner's b-day is Dec 25, (and for several other reasons), we don't do a commercial Christmas at our house.  But this year I've decided I want to have a little gift for each one of my family members for our Thanksgiving celebration.  Yep! Gotta get busy!!

Although I've been crocheting longer than I've been knitting, my list might contain one crocheted item! =(  I'm still trying to decide.  I'm participating in a KAL/CAL on Ravelry.  The kit contains a cowl pattern with the option to do it in crochet or knitting.  I don't know yet which one I'll do, but this item will be for Clemmy.  Then I have hats for the men and the two little boys, fingerless mitts for Dinky, finish a sweater that's almost done for Pumpkin.  The big girls get earings and Broccoli (doesn't have ears pierced yet).....I'm still deciding!

Amanda inspired me to find my snowflake pattern.  They make nice gifties for family and friends.  I was surprised the designers website still exists.  I found this pattern in 2007.  Six Point Snowflake

I made one in a few minutes with Stroll Sport white.  Finished it's about 3.5 inches(8.5cm)

That's one of the patterns I use,


These are good too

Not sure I have that in the right order...






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