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Okay, we all know I can't crochet, but here is my list of knitted Christmas items:

At least 5 Christmas stockings, maybe 7 if the great nephew twins come early. Only 1 is almost finished.

Hats for my boys.

Socks for DH.

Targis socks for my DDIL, as she is a huge Doctor Who fan.

Right now I'm hoping to finish the stockings!

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Inspired by Cheryl's heirloom stockings I think I will make this Snowman Stocking, for my sons as a keepsake from me and maybe niece and nephew. (my brother's children).  Pattern is by Kathy Wesley and url can be found on Ravelry's pattern database.


Oh, that is a really cute one! It is so much fun to start a family tradition.
I plan on adding the deer keychains and a note and small amount of $$.  (dentist will get the most, lol...I have to get all my teeth pulled-->dentures)  My HO HO gift this year. ;p
I need to have some dental work done, but I keep spending my money on fiber.
I'd rather spend it on fiber, too. :-)

I'm playing/creating a round yoke, topdown pullover and the colorwork(and Tapestry crochet bug bit me again) I got inspired to think about gifts for male recepients.  Not sure I can swing it this year, maybe next year's holiday presents.

A tapestry bear (have graph) hat or scarf ...or deer head(have graph) or fish(catfish/bass).  If you've seen any crochet charts that can be used to make tapestry crochet items that appeal to the manly man, please share.

I'm anxious to see your creations.
I created a pattern for a sweater that makes the crochet stripes go up and down instead of across, with a "V" neck. Was pretty. Gave it to my sis because she has a wider rib cage, and smaller hips. *sigh*  I guess there's still some tweaking to do on it.

Adding a piggie keychain to my list to make for the holidays. .Eldest son and gf bought a black piggie some time ago, it's the kind people have as pets...can't think of what they are called.  Katie would luv that.

Starting on some of my holiday gifts today.  :-)

It's a Vietnamese pot bellied pig.  And I really can't imagine what people see in them... *shudder*  But to each his own I guess! (:

That's it.  Pot bellied Pig.   Brain had a freeze up.  He's pretty entertaining. Loves scraps.  Does not like to be touched.  He lives outdoors in his own piggie yard.


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