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I am curious what project and yarn each of us is going to try and why.

Do you need help picking a first time project and yarn? Here are some tips:


- worsted weight is great for beginning projects because it is easy to see the
stitches and "read" your work.

- cotton/silk/bamboo/acrylic re NOT a good fiber choice for first
project.  They don't have much give so any inconsistencies in stitches
tend to show up more. Wool/alpaca/blends are more forgiving and will also respond
well to blocking to even out stitch gauge and shaping.


Balance the complication - simple stitches or single color with more advanced
shaping OR several stitch types or colors with simple shaping.  Since all
crochet stitches are based on the chain, don't be afraid of trying a pattern
with more than single crochet and double crochet stitches.  We can help
you through the tricky parts.

Most of all, pick a yarn and pattern that you really love to invest your time
and talent in!

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I find that many "shawl" patterns actually seem to me to be triangular scarf size. This is your third vote for adding more material so that you can wrap yourself comfortably in that pretty pattern.
Thanks for everyone's encouragement. I think I will do just that.
I just brought a few - Since I am a newbie - I will crochet - Adva Crochet Scarf Pattern I like this and have the yarn ...
I am a fairly new knitter who is really enjoying it. However, I really, really want to make a particular crochet project (Magnetic Katamari over on Ravelry) for my teenage boys as a Hannuka gift. They would love it if I can pull it off!

So far I've checked out books from the library, and when I figure out which one(s) I like best I will buy them through KP. So far I like Crocheting in Plain English (love her knitting books too). I have the crochet hook set, and I'm hoping I can use those for this project. As soon as I figure out what colors I want, I'll be ordering the yarn from KP too.

It's sort of a strange beginning to crochet, but I love an adventure! I'll be sure to ask questions if I get stuck!
Way to go, Buffy! A woman with a plan of action! =) I'm sure you'll do fine. I happen to know you can knit socks, so I'm sure you can crochet, too! I checked out the pattern and I think it's a fairly easy one to use as a first project. If I know boys, yours will love these!
Thanks! I'll know who to ask for help!
That's a really interesting pattern! Thanks for telling us about it. :) I started looking at filet crochet patterns today and 13 printed patterns later, I still don't know what I'll crochet next! Lol
Ha! I'm clear on this one!! Haven't even gotten to crochet patterns on Ravelry so you didn't find many in my faves orlibrary, and you can't get to the ones I've gotten from Antique Patterns and such!! Isn't it funny how much of the same stuff we like? BTW: Did my first support spinning tonight. Whew! not as easy as the video made it seem!!
Heehee... no, it really isn't that easy. I did about 5 minutes while waiting for the potatoes to boil. I'm keeping it handy just off the kitchen for that purpose. :) What kind of spindle did you use? I made a second one that I need to post about. It's SOOO much better than the first one I made... but here I am taking over the crochet thread about spinning. :)
So, I'll hop this over to spinning chatter......
BTW again: I am crocheting with some handspun. It's the light tan project in the pic of my 30 Min Program crochet projects. Lace weight singles spun on an Ashford Traditional Wheel!

Here's the pic.

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