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Balloons??? This book may be a little on the pricey side but what unique and clever toys. Below are examples.


So we all have our favorite free patterns, but what patterns are you willing to pay for?

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No, no, no, UFO's are meant to be that way. Then sometime in the future you will have a new idea or inspiration, and the UFO will become a FO! At least that is what I tell myself. (Who recently found an almost completely finished knitted doll, started in - oh- maybe 1994??? - and just bought some gold fleece to embellish it! See it just wasn't meant to be done way back then. The doll wouldn't have been happy - lol)
I only have WIPs, never UFOs! ♥c

who loves to play with sematics...
I hope you weren't drinking anything when you snorted! ♥c
I do like your philosophy! Maybe UFO's can be for those projects you know you started, or at least bought the materials for and now for the life of you, you just can't find! Two years ago I bought yarn and needles to make a really cool earflap hat for my DD's boyfriend. I had done quite a few swatches to see which one he liked better, and then put it down to finish something else for my DD. I was recovering from major surgery at the time, where I spent most of my days coming downstairs, just to fall asleep all over again, lol. Anyway, life got back to normal and extremely busy. I forgot about the hat as it was not needed at the time. When it started to get colder, my DD asked me about knitting the hat; by that time I had really grown quite disgusted with the boy in question, and told her I was taking a "wait and see" attitude. So glad I did as they ended up not staying together, and it would have greatly irked me to have made something for him. (Not a worthy recipent). Flash forward to Oct. 2009. I have a great need for the needles and yarn I bought for this hat. I know I have them, I just can't find them - anywhere. I tore the house apart looking for them. So I did what I needed to do, bought more yarn. Of course! Over Christmas break, we were looking for a pair of mittens that had fallen behind the storage box, and low and behold - I found the missing yarn and needles. How it got there, I'll never know. My DD and I got a great deal of amusement over that. So it wasn't really a WIP, it was a missing UFO. Now I think I understand the difference between the two. At least that is my story and I'm sticking to it! lol
I think that would be a good description of a UFO, I mean it's not really MIA because no action is occurring. Glad it can now be either a WIP or repurposed. ♥c
this site is beyond nice, it's 4 am I should be sleeping this is to darn addicting. Just found this site while searching for alan dart patterns and the simply knitting magazine..............gotta sleep
Laurie, we're so glad you have joined us. This is a great friendly place for knitters. We laugh and cry and give lots of advice to each other. Welcome. ♥c
Laurie, you are going to love it here! It is adicting, and I have spent way too many early morning hours perusing the many pages of comments. Cheryl is so right, this is a great place for knitters, and she along with Peggy and Susan are the fairy godknitters. They'll set you straight on almost any question you have, and not just about knitting either - lol. :o)

I love the Alan Dart patterns. Last week I was finally able to pick up the June issue of Simply knitting, just so I could have the rest of the Monkey Tea Party pattern. Have you seen it? Too cute for words.
Wendy, I'm not too sure we set anyone straight, but we certainly tend to dump a lot of info! LOL

Should have know the Alan Dart patterns you are seeking have something to do with monkeys! ♥c
LOL - lots of good info though.

Here is a pic of Alan Dart monkeys. They are just too, too cute!

here is his website link:

and the one for simply knitting: you'll have to scroll down a little bit to come across this picture

I'd take a full picture of the whole thing, but was not sure if it was ok to do that. They are so detailed and the tea party set is very cute as well. For sure will make some of the bananas for Mr. Kirke Foster. Let me know if it is ok to post that picture, and I will.
He really does do terrific toys, doesn't he?


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