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Balloons??? This book may be a little on the pricey side but what unique and clever toys. Below are examples.


So we all have our favorite free patterns, but what patterns are you willing to pay for?

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I just saw this while do a search to see if anyone has combined entrelac and intarsia. Now how cute is he? Gotta go leave for the airport now.
OMG!, I'm in love again!
OMG, off to add them to my cart! ♥c
Barbara Prime (Fuzzy Mitten) has added Clothing Bundle III to her list of pattern (at the very bottom of the page) and the link on Ravelry. The ballerina skirt is very cute!

who is not rushing out and buying this one (since I don't have to others — yet)...
I've already got this one! It's also called Fuzzy Mitten's Dress-Up Patterns. Perhaps this will be some spring knitting. ♥c
I love Alan Dart's patterns. He has a web site and you can download them. They are very reasonable and wonderful.
One of Alan Dart's patterns is one of the things that turned me onto knitting toys.

Here's his little gnome, though I did it in the round [I hate seaming and avoid it at all costs] and gave him some curly toes — more elf-like.
Barney's in Love
Found Twins Knit this evening. You do not want to click on that link unless you are ready to add to your que. The Easter Bunny is beyond cute, the Gnome family is a must do, and the Bear...lets just say I have found an outlet for my newfound proficiency in stranding by making it several sweaters. There is a "sock" monkey that I know NKS will have to make. These Pocket Bunnies are free (and several other free patterns as well). Oh, I will stop now...

...don't even think about casting those needles away...slowly...
Heaven, I'm in heaven! [bookmarked since my credit card can't take any else this month] Thank goodness she had kindness on us to give us a free one. ♥c

Is this " ...don't even think about casting those needles away...slowly... " the same thing as 'put the needles down slowly, and nobody gets hurt'? lol
more like: Thou Shalt Not Add to Thine UFO Que!

who is *much* better at starting projects than finishing them...
Well, you are certainly in fine company! Please don't feel alone! ♥c


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