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Balloons??? This book may be a little on the pricey side but what unique and clever toys. Below are examples.


So we all have our favorite free patterns, but what patterns are you willing to pay for?

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Well, I adapted his Yuletide Gnome to do in the round. That made for a lot less sewing up. But it wasn't difficult to adapt.
That's good to hear. I was considering doing this with as much of the monkeys as possible. There is a bear pattern from Debbie Bliss that I want to make also, and I am definately going to do that in the round. Just not too fond of sewing up projects. Call me lazy - lol.
It's not being lazy. I think it's being practical. It only makes sense that if it is a round object, to knit it in the round.
yes, I found 11 or 12 free issues of simply knitting on the net, so I have the tea party
Oh, my, Laurie, that must be a great deal you found.
Oooo, good job. I drove around to 3 different book stores in April to get the May issue, ended up putting my name on a waiting list. B & N does not always get every issue of SK in, but at least they were willing to call me when it did come in. I was starting to think I wouldn't be able to get the June issue, but they finally received a few copies towards mid-June.
I have a subscription to SK. I had to call them to get it but it is my favorite magazine and I know it will be there every month.
I've thought about getting a subscription, but don't really want another monthly magazine sitting around. Do you use the magazine for anything else than the Alan Dart patterns? That's all I'm basically interested in, and at that - even though I love his patterns, I only want a select few.
I'm hoping they will soon do digital subscriptions. That's what I have for Yarn Forward and I love having it that way.
yup, and I hope they post the next issue free to cause now I have from 60 to 69 and some of the 50's. huge savings considering the mag in canada is 13.00 each
I like the sweaters because they have larger sizes and also the book and internet guides and reviews.
Laurie - So just how are you finding these free issues? I know what you mean about the cost, I think I paid $10.00 - 11.00 each.

Cheryl - that would be a good idea, although I really like being able to hold something in my hands to read. And to take it where ever I want to go with it. I refer back to old issues, and I think that would be harder to do on a computer. I'll have to take a look at your magazine.


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