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Balloons??? This book may be a little on the pricey side but what unique and clever toys. Below are examples.


So we all have our favorite free patterns, but what patterns are you willing to pay for?

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I bought the Jean Greehowes Christmas books from Karp. That's because I wanted to do the creche but there are several other great projects in there too that I didn't know about. Karp have some King Cole books too that are calling my name (the lamb and the bunny are adorable). I also bought the Alan Dart book because of the Gnome but now that I have it there are several projects in there for me.

I pay for things if it is a project I specifically want to do. Otherwise I google and find something close that works or I can modify. I really liked the Mr. Foster kit (even if I haven't made it yet) and would have paid for a Sheldon kit (did buy the yarn from KnitPicks, the colours were just perfect and I knew it would work). Hmm, as I ponder this I guess that the patterns I have paid for lately are all patterns which have a "skill" I haven't done before and I appreciate the effort the designer has put into developing pattern.

I borrow lots of books from the library but buy the ones with patterns I want to make (which aren't that many, mostly I dream). I am always checking the sale tables and second-hand bookstores. I subscribe to Interweave Knits, Crochet and (recently) PieceWorks.

Hmmm, have to give this some more thought...

who not only have too much yarn but a plethora of patterns to choose from....
Lena: Good word, "plethora." --P
Lena, for some reason your "Karp link" said I didn't have access from my server. So for those who want to see Jean Greehowe's Designs and can't get to Lena's link, click here. Or you can google "Karp Styles" to get to the site.

Thanks, Lena, Karp Styles is a very nice site. ♥c
Lena and Cheryl :  That website is absolutely adorable.  I love the free patterns.  I could think of someone I wanted to make nearly every project for!  Jean Greehowe does beautiful work!
Holly, glad you found this info. I know how you like toy making. I should have made sure you were over here finding this wonderful information. *slapping forehead rather hard!*
Lol! I nosed around the KALs and joined before my log in incident. I just didn't get around to posting. Don't beat yourself up too badly Cheryl, I'm here and able to post now and it was you and Lena that introduced me to Jean Greehowe. I have that page book marked for later use. I especially love the Rainbow Babies for charity!
We're glad you are here, too! Jean Greenhowe is great.
I'm not only willing to pay for Itty-Bitty Toys by Susan B. Anderson, but I did! You can get the lamb for free, but the whole book is worth having. --P
Peggy, Itty-Bitty Toys is a great book. I ♥ Susan B. Anderson's patterns. For others who enjoy her, you can click here for her blog.
Oh, Peggy...because of you I just ordered this one and Debbie Bliss Toy Knits from an online book outlet. I had already put Toy Knits in the "basket" and was only doing a quick perusal and there it was: the fabeled Susan B. Anderson book. Saying no only occured for, maybe, a nanosecond. They also had Claire Garland's Dream Toys for $3.99US but I managed to not buy it too.

who before this KAL really didn't knit toys...
Uhmmmmm, any Alan Dart pattern. I do have the knitted bears book, but haven't made any yet. I did do the dress for a bear that was given to charity. Go here
The Knitted Teddy Bear. That's a great book. I have several Alan Dart patterns. His Yuletide Gnome is really a fun pattern to knit. ♥c


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