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I only have the Aguona laptop sleeve that I'm working on. It's a fairly inactive WIP at the moment, but I think I'll be getting back to work on it soon. I'm about half done so far and it's my first Fair Isle project and I really like it!

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I'm doing the "Golden Bracelet" gloves from the "Knitting New Mittens and Gloves" book. Of course, I changed the colors and now they are Blue Bracelets... and they're mittens, but I used the pattern. That only sort of counts as Fair Isle, though, since it's only for 20 rows or something.
I'm about to cast on for the "Little Princess Child's Vest" found right here from KP'S and happily I have all the colors of Palette that it calls for in my stash.
I have several Christmas stockings to get started. I recently finished the Grazing Sheep bag from I ♥ Felt. I just have to felt it. Since my washing machine had to be replaced a couple of years ago, I made sure I bought a machine that had a center agitator. What a disappointment! Even on the heavy duty cycle, all it does is a slow swish. I may have to find a used machine that agitates properly (or, shhhhhhh!, maybe I can take it to laundry mat). It's just been too hot to felt by hand.

Now I'll have to choose a good fair isle project also.
A late reply, as I'm catching up on old posts. I have felted items in my front-loader washing machine. I add in a towel, so there's something heavy to slap the knitting around in the machine, and it takes about three rounds in the wash instead of maybe one in a center-agitator type, but it works just fine. Why did I buy a front-loader, you ask? I discovered felting after I'd had the machine a few years!

Right now I'm working on Melissa's fishgyle socks - they're too adorable for words! I did give up on trying to keep the bobbins untangled, and will add the argyle lines with duplicate stitch later.
I started felting after I bought my machine, too, but it's a top loader.
Love the Fishgyle socks! I have them on my wish list right now! Just waiting until I don't feel guilty about starting another pair of socks!
I love my front loader - as a short person with short arms, reaching to the bottom of a top-loader machine was literally a stretch! And as for socks, my best friend said that it's good that I didn't retire sooner or I'd need a sock room instead of a sock drawer! But they sure get a lot of use in Iowa winters.
The only (and my first!) colorwork project I have going is the Sipalu bag in the Tranquil colorway. It's been on the back burner for awhile now. I need to pick it up again!
Carolyn: Where are you in the Sipalu Bag? I just finished the upper border, which I found much easier--but still fun--than the front and back patterns. I bought the lining fabric yesterday, along with some stiffening to give it some body. --Peggy
I now regret not having purchased this kit. I'm so glad the pattern is now available. Off to order it!
Here's my Sipalu Bag, which I'm working actively on:
Actually, it's further along than that. I'm doing the BO. Still have the straps and button flap to do. I also have a sleeveless Fair Isle cardigan in progress for DH. I want to finish it for Christmas. Here's where it is now:
In the pipeline is the Grazing Sheep Bag. I can't wait to be able to use it. I may make one for DD and DGD, too. I really enjoy colorwork. It's so much fun to see the pattern develop. --Peggy
As always, your work is beautiful. I know you had a wonderful trip, but I'm sure you are glad to be home so you can spin and quilt as well as knit.
I forgot to mention my Nonna's Garden Shawl! I've been away from it so long...but I didn't forget that it was waiting for me. --P


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