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Looks like your girls-weekend was successfull and fun!

who will be on the lookout for sockmonkeys...
Yes, very! And lots of fun, in spite of the monkeys. The one in yellow is mine, all mine! In a few weeks I'll have to put the little one away until Dec. when it will come out again for my monkey junkie's b-day.
I just used my 10% off coupon to buy yarn for an armadillo and a piggy bank. I ordered it last night and it shipped this afternoon! I love this company! Nothing like yarn in the mail for my birthday!!!!
Tami - Happy Birthday!!! Looking forward to seeing the piggy bank and armadillo.
Yes, happy birthday. ♥c
Thanks guys! I knida fished for that didn't I??!!
Nothing wrong with that! It's nice getting birthday wishes here. I mean, having an IRS birthday must be worse that having one on Christmas! ♥c
LOL - We (DH & I) have friends that got married on 4/15 many years ago. They aren't married anymore, so it must not be a good day for getting married either.
It's not any day to celebrate for me and it's still the pits! ♥c
I remember as a little girl, my dad barely getting things done in time to make a mad dash to the post office at midnight. I almost think he got a kick out of doing it that way. Too much stress for me, glad the walking calculator takes care of it.
When first married, DH took care of everything. Then three years later when he went to law school, he insisted he didn't have time and I had to take over. So 13 years after that, when I started law school, nursing our fourth son, I said it was time for him to take things back over. He said okay, but that was all that happened — his saying okay. So I still do it all. ♥c
Well,and how did that work for him?



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