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Cheryl, is your great-nephew loving his little monkey? I like the way these eyes look.
I hope so. Since they aren't here, I haven't seen him since Christmas. I hope by the time he is toddling around his monkey will be dragged through the mud, etc. ♥c
I know exactly what you mean. After all the love & work you pour into them, you don't want them to just sit around collecting dust. You want them to be loved, squished, carted around everywhere and barely recognizable when you see it years later. At least this is my dream as I sit by DeNile in the lovely little town called Delusion! lol
Yep, making things for my mother is a challange. I made her dishcloths many years ago and she still brings them out of the linencloset to show me how nice they look (as they should, having never been used). She does want me to make things for her though and feels hurt when I don't. This year I thought I had though of the perfect gift: a hunter-orange hat for her to wear in camp. She still hasn't taken it up there to use - sigh.

who does know that a gift is a gift...
I know what you mean. I knit a BSJ for my co-workers sister's new baby and a couple of burb cloths and she said the burb cloths were to nice for the have the baby spit up on them. LOL Granted it was knit out of Simply Cotton but that was the point. Soft for baby's skin.
Lena, how about some Christmas ornaments or something. That way they won't have to be in everyday use but can be used during that special time of year without getting too mussed. ♥c
You are right, Cheryl. Next Christmas I am planning on giving her crochet snowflakes and tomtens. I haven't really done display items before but since joinig this group I have so many new ideas. Btw, I don't think toys are a display item, just not what I have ever done before - something that brings joy just by being. I quilt table-runners that are both seasonal and year-round so they are, in a sense, display items although practical as well. I paint just for the joy of it although a lot of it ends up on practiacl items. Hmm, you have given me something to think aobut today.

pondering why when I create I feel I have to be producing practical items instead of joyous items...
I think that is the best thing about this community. My brain has always been on overload with all kinds of ideas but since being active here it has really been whirling. Now if I can just capture some it and bring it into reality. ♥c
Lena, sometimes practical items can be joyous, and joyous items can be practical. It sounds as if your mother greatly prizes the dishcloths you made for her. Who knows, maybe someday they will be passed down to another family member where they will be as cherished as they are by your mom. Only they will have a little bit more story behind them. Something practical being something joyous.
awwwwwww! He is soooo cute! I love, love, LOVE his sweet little face and your yarn choice is so perfect. All your monkey babies turn out so adorable Wendy - I can not wait to see this cute boy in his cowboy gear! He will be a favorite playmate for years & years. Fantastic work - he looks GREAT!
Congratulaions again! (I thought you deserved to be congratulated on here too!)
Thank you so much Susan. It is going to be hard parting with him when the time comes. I must give credit where credit is due - Cheryl is the one who found the perfect yarn. She talked about this yarn last Sept (???), so shortly afterwards, I took a look at it and completely agreed with her. When I found out my niece was expecting, I knew immediatly what yarn I was going to use. I knew what the monkey's name was going to be, I just didn't know he was going to turn into a cowboy until much later. lol I'm almost done with his unionsuit. I was reviewing all the comments about the Henly collar today, but ended up confusing myself, so I will have to take a look at it again tomorrow.

It does look like this little monkey is truly a "Foster", as he has already gone on a trip and came home with two new friends! :o)


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