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I'm still working on the Gaywool fiber:

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Just for fun, I'll show you where it came from.

I think you'll get a kick out of this....


This is the gray Corriedale "Sierra"


Here's a shot of the fuschia Romney - it is some serious hot pink!

I thought it was lovely before, but now that you've shown us how you got that great shade of pink...from gray and fuchsia...I am ever so impressed!!

I love working with color!  I've been playing with grayscale and heathered yarns for the past year or so and I'm having a blast with it.

The best part is that I can get almost unlimited colors from a single dye-up of wool by blending it.  I've sent a proposal to Spin Off to write an article about it... now I sit and wait to see if they want it.

It's amazing how colors can be manipulated. In one of the other discussions I posted a pic of yarn I spindled using turqouise and throughout the roving was pink and a bit of yellow resulting in a lavendar and green look. I loved it especially since I wasn't fond of the bright turquoise.

And I do love heathered yarns.  I hope you get a "yes' from Spin Off; I'd be very interested in such an article!

I'd like to reply to you Robdob and Beverly, but it isn't giving me the "button".  That happened the other day as well... does anyone know why?

Anyway - I'm loving the colorwork - and I'd love to poll anyone who will answer about what their favorite colors are.  I'm planning to do up some batts for sale and I'd like to know what colors people like.  Not everyone likes the cool colors and grays that I do...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Spin Off, I know I'm aiming pretty high...

I had some problems last night, too... today it seems better.  Not sure why.

Karen, I find that my taste in color varies widely... love the blue/reds/purples, but also finding greens/yellows, etc. appealing, too.  Sometimes a batt or roving comes up and the combination of colors draws me.  From time to time I like them all.

ETA:  If you don't aim high, you can't get to that point. 

Karen, the reply button only shows up down to a certain level.  Once that level is reached, it disappears.  But you did the right thing by going up and clicking the last reply button in the thread.  That way, you reply to all those between the button and your response.

Thanks for the note on the reply button.  I wondered how that worked.  Is there a way to collapse the conversation when the replies get so far from the original part?  I don't want someone to think I'm ignoring them if I miss a post.... I'm not really familiar with this system yet.

Not to my knowledge, no.

I've played with some blending, too... but nothing that came out that good... I have got to do more of this.  I got some brightly colored nylon to blend with some white that I have on hand..that should make for some nice are inspiring me, Karen. 

Beautiful BTW!

If you have enough, try the bright nylon on black or gray... makes a nice "tickle" of color on darks.

Thanks for the compliment!  Everyone here is so nice!


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