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I'm still working on the Gaywool fiber:

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Just finished the pink singles.  I'll let them rest on the bobbin and ply them tomorrow.  Pictures to follow... Ooooooh, and more goodies arrived in today's mail - a white Targhee fleece from Montana!

Oh, Targhee... one of my absolute favs!  It is one of my top 3-4 all time favs for spinning.

I like the Targhee so far, almost as fine as Merino, but not as spendy.  I've got a black and white spotted fleece from a local shepherd (mostly black).  The fleece I got today is a white one from a range sheep out west.  Dirty, but not much veg that I can see - at least not yet - I haven't pulled it all the way out of the box.

Finished plying the pink yarn - ended up with 360 yards.  Gave it a warm bath, it shed a little color, but red tones tend to do that I guess.  I gave it a spin and it is drying now - lovely mauve color when wet.  I'll get pictures and weight when it dries.

Well, the skein is dry now.  Here are the vital statistics: 97 grams, 360 yards chain plied, singles spindle spun clockwise, wheel plied counterclockwise 15 treadles on fast end of Louet two ended bobbin.  Source materials were Pink Romney, Gray Corriedale and a bit of white icicle sparkle fiber.  Here's a picture of the finished yarn:


Thanks!  It's been fun to work with this from raw fleece to finished yarn.

That's lovely!

Thanks! It has been fun to do.  Started with some of the nastiest fleece I ever bought (ebay - so I didn't get to see it first) and figured that it was so bad that I'd learn to dye with it since I had nothing to lose if the fleece was destroyed.  Sometimes there is a happy surprise at the end of this little rainbow...

It's at the beginning of my blog if you want to read the whole story.

I'm not a real pink person but that has my mouth watering.

I have to agree... it looks yummy! 

Thanks, it has been a treat after dealing with the nastiest fleece I've ever had!


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