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I'm still working on the Gaywool fiber:

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Oh!!  It's really beautiful!
Thanks, Bren!  I appreciate that!
Susan, your red yarn is awesome!

Thanks, Elaine... I'll be casting on the project for it later today.. we shall see how it knits up... that is always the proof in the pudding.

What did you say you were making with it Susan?

A pair of hats! 
Isn't that the truth, the proof of the pudding is how it knits up. I am knitting the Persuasion Scarf that was in the last Spin Off magazine with a hand painted yarn that I spun that has loads of RED in it. It's not turning out quite the way I had invisioned but it is still nice. I am learning a lot from using other people's hand painted yarn. I gives me ideas how I might like to paint my own, once I get started. You can learn a lot from just watching others. The fiber I am using is a Merino and it is just gloriously soft to the touch. My daughter said, "It's hard to believe that is wool."
Once people get a taste (touch) of the finer wools, they are never the same... it's not the old wool they were brought up with... it is lovely, isn't it?
yes it sure is lovely :)
I still like the coarser, sturdier wools for some purposes, like socks (especially heels and toes), rugs and felted items, and outer wear, but there's nothing like soft wool next to sensitive skin!

I went to a small fiber festival yesterday. Several of the vendors had cages along with angora rabbits in them. The one lady was sitting at her spinning wheel with a cloth draped across her lap and a rabbit just contentedly lying there. She would run her fingers through the rabbits fur and come up with a small handful of fur and then spin it. I got quite a kick out of this. I never in a million years thought a rabbit would just lay there like that.

Elaine, I've seen this, too... Pretty cool!


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