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I thought it would be nice to have thread for progress updates.

First I want to thank Tina for starting this group. I can tell I am going to benefit from the support of other knitters focused on UFOs. And, I like having a structure, format, hang-out, whatever. I think that I am also going to learn a lot of tricks for finishing UFOs.

The popcorn popper reward is certainly working for me. I've finished the gusset decrease on my socks and I'm heading towards the toe.

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Kelley: I agree! What a wonderful idea. Of course, I have three WIPs to finish...possibly five in another week...before I can get to my UFOs, but it's good to have them in my mind. I'm actually looking forward to them! BTW, I want one of those popcorn poppers! --Peggy
I am not a popcorn person but there is a Dale of norway kit I've been having my eyes on for awhile. I have to order it as a kit since the pattern is out of print and sells for over $80. I can get the kit for(pattern and yarn) for a little over $100. Here is a pic of it.
Love it!!! Definitely an excellent reward!!
Angel Bear: What a gorgeous sweater! Can you photocopy the pattern if it's out of print? I would love to make that sweater!!! --Peggy
Wow what a neat sweater, just love it, would take me forever to knit that,the design is so wonderful, Irene
Oh, I totally agree. It's really nice! Mmmmm and looks ever so cozy. :)
I've been wondering whether Angel Bear ever got the pattern. --P
thank you! and again, thank you for that wonderful box of knitting and spinning stuff!
HB Again Julie !! Glad it got to You Early enough in the Day to Enjoy !! So are You Now a Spinning FooL hahaha or You Burning Up the New Harmonys ?? Hahaha Btw If You LooK that's Kelleys Newest Bag on KP (the Biggy not the Small Lavender gadget)
I did get some spinning done while the kiddo was asleep... for only an hour today, grrrrr, but at least his cough is getting better and he has a voice again!
Lol hey Julie it's a Birthday they're suppose to be FuN Days !! Spinnings addicting isn't it ?? Pick Up a Spindle I Never want to Put it down !! :)) Looking forward to getting the Book Respect the Spindle I Know KP has to be Crazy Busy Right Now getting out those Christmas Orders !! Really Why I didn't want to Bother KP with Mine .. Isn't like it's Christmas Gift Stuff so Whenever I get it I get it won't be Home till After christmas anyway so may as well wait till I get here omg omg omg Just hit me ..cuz were on the same line I'll be able to Talk to You in Paris how CooL is that hahaha !! You'll be able to Hear All these ppl Babbling in French lol make Sure I Talk to You from a KniT Shop (Giggling) Julie wants SocK yarn Julie wants SocK yarn lol think I've got it All joking aside will be FuN to See if they've got AnY Sock yarn Diff from Ours :))) & as Kelley Suggested in Her SocK Series I'll Look for a Cutesy SocK BaG for You too ..


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