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OK, I know you're out there---the ones with drawers of unfinished objects (UFOs). Wouldn't you like to finish some of them? No? Why not? This, then, is the place to talk about your UFOs, what they are, why they are languishing (you dislike the yarn, dislike the pattern, dislike the recipient...), what we can do to encourage you to either frog it or finish it. That will be the CAL UFO forum motto. All-together now: Frog it or Finish it!

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I can guarantee boredom is out of the question for the next few years! LOL!
Only 36? teehee
LOL! As he was walking out, shaking his head... I yelled, "We were just counting *YARN* projects, right?"
Good for you! When my boys would see me counting, they would start yelling out random numbers! They would also try to sneak hold of my yarn so when I would give it a tug, I wouldn't get any yarn for knitting.
so it's not just my kids? what a relief.
LOL!! My kids think they'll catch girl cooties or something if they even go *near* my yarn. (:
Well, mine were fairly grown when they started doing this. One was already in college. And No. 2, now 28, will still do it when he is around.

Not too old for a beating! (:


That makes me think of the way my 2 behaved everytime I was on the phone.  lol

If any of them see me counting, including dh they start throwing numbers out.  They'll hear me say, dang it.  And I'll hear laughter. smile


Amanda they are all too old for spanking, but mom can work her own payback in. hehe


I just had a nice long reply ready to post when IE crashes on me. I knew I shouldn't've upgraded it yesterday (other than for the fact that it's fugly)... I've got a nasty cough (probably from work, probably from my boss, who went camping with his germ factories last week and came back sick IMAGINE THAT. Then he went to work. SHARING IS NOT CARING. [I may have strong feelings on this point, hahaha]). At least I have lovely yarn. :D

  • Finished:
    • Crochet motif scarf/shawl: Jo-Ann Sensations Soles & More Yarn
      Finished the scarf (well, I still have to work away the ends)! It's really pretty, might just keep it myself, even though I don't wear scarves. Still have a decent part of the second ball leftover, so I need to decide if I can use that for something, or put it in the "to donate" box.
    • Tunisian crochet cardigan: Knit Picks Shine Sport
      Present for my mum. It's so nice to have the sleeves included as part of the body pieces so you have fewer parts to sew together, even though it means the top of the piece (back especially) is ridiculously long). It fits Mum really well (go figure); when I asked Mum what size she was before I got the yarn, she said "extra large", and when I measured her after I got the yarn, the book said "medium", and apparently the book is right, so now I have three skeins left over. I'll just give up on trying to figure out this sizing thing right now. Anyway, it looks really good, and Mum just need to get the buttons she wants me to put on it. :D
  • Made progress:
    •  Crochet afghan: Lion Brand Homespun
      Present for my friend and his wife. So I fixed the Wildfire/Bourbon blending problem by replacing Bourbon with Golden (Bourbon/Golden made the Bourbon look too greenish). It's a pretty bold contrast, not quite what I had in mind, but I eventually decided it looked good. The next two colours (Lagoon and Windsor) have a lovely subtle difference to them. Problem is, I think it doesn't work with the bolder contrast of the other two. Mum keeps saying she likes it, but I still don't think it looks good--since when was colour hard for me? Once I figure out how to put pictures in posts, I'll bug you guys for help. :D
    • Lattice Lace Wrap: Knit Picks Worsted Swish Tonal (Canopy)
      So I had this really pretty pattern on a label from a skein of Caron Simply Soft Paints I used. And then that yarn was on sale, so I added it to the order with my yarn ball winder (should've picked up the swift at the same time hahaha). The pattern is really lovely and works up so quickly. The colours are great too.
  • Forgot about and thus didn't work on (oops):
    • Tunisian lace wrap: Patons Grace
      Sure, this yarn is light, but it's also FUZZY. Way too warm for that now, and I don't like how cold AC is. I did turn the working skein into a ball (I LOVE my yarn winder, it is so awesome), though I think I'll have to actually use the third skein a bit cuz it might be too big to fit on it.
    • Crochet wrap: Caron Country
      I plan on at least finishing up the swatching for this--I really want to finish this since the bag is living under my desk and kicking it by accident all the time is really annoying. Problem is that it's a present for my mum, so I can't work on it while she's around, and since she's home I don't want to spend all my time holed up in my room. But I'm sick at the moment and she can't afford to get sick now (partial knee replacement scheduled for 10 August), so I guess staying in my room a little bit would be okay. :)
    • Crochet cardigan: Caron Simply Soft
      Still haven't decided anything, though it's been so long, I'll definitely have to rip it out and start over; I never got far enough to "settle in" to the pattern, so I have no idea where I am in it, and I think I scavenged the hook for something else. Whoever said that we put projects for ourselves last in the list was completely right!
  • New projects (double oops):
    • Crochet Afghan: Lion Brand Homespun
      Well, haven't properly started, but I have one skein of each colour in my stash now, so I guess it counts. While I was figuring out colours on the other afghan, Mum was sorting through her yarn stash, came up with a skein of Homespun, put it next to my Bourbon skein, said "hey, these colours go together really well" and I said "yeah, oooh, I have a good pattern for that" and that's how it happened. I am putting this last in my list though, I have a ton more things I should work on first.
    • Tunisian Cardigan: Sensations Breeze
      Same pattern as the cardigan for my Mum. Have so far resisted the temptation to actually start it, though I did turn the first two skeins I have into balls.

Woohoo, first meeting for today was cancelled--now I can work on those stupid reports I do and get ahead for tomorrow.

Hope you get to feeling better soon.  Wonderful on your finished items and glad the cardigan fits your mum so well.

Is it a pattern that is online?


I have finished two "My Blue Jeans Shawl" for PRR elders.  I want to add a few more items for PRR.  Have to buckle down on spending now, as big bills are coming up. 


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