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I've become very interested in support spindles. PickleSue, a/k/a PickleSoup on Ravelry, is the one who got me really interested in them. And on Ravelry there are lots of very experienced support spindlers.

Well, Susan, a/k/a fleegle on Ravelry, is creating a book, Fleegle Spins Supported, if you are interested in learning how to use a support spindle and would like to purchase Susan's book, please go to Fleegle Spins Supported and add to faves. This will give Susan numbers so she will know how many books to have printed. Once she has these figures, she will know how much she needs to charge for here book.

Please check out her blog here and her Etsy store here. You can find discussions about her book here. And you can find her YouTube channel here.

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I'm not sure, but I think I might have read somewhere that you can spin finer yarn with a support spindle because there's no weight on the yarn as you spin.

Tara, I've seen people spinning fine lace - silk and wool - on these spindles...

Okkk gotcha girls :))) When I First Saw This..I was Totally Stumped..and Clueless..NO Idea NoW I at Least Know What You All Are Talking About & Sounds Like might Be Up Julie's Alley..She's such a LIGHT YarN Lover & Loves Spinning as Light Weight as SHE Can Get!!!"LaceWeights"Are Julie :)))) As You gals Know ME On the Other Hand..I Require Worsted To Bulkys :)))) While often I Spin Lighter Then I Like..I Shoot 4 the Bigger Thicker Weights..

Sorry, but this is a little photo heavy. Tara, I apologize for being out of pocket. A support spindle is a spindle that not dangled from the fiber. The bottom of the spindle is placed on a surface. Then you flick it to spin and spin the fiber off of the tip. The surface can be just a table top or a spinning dish of some sort. Lots of spindle makers do make dishes or bowls but you can use anything. It can be a smooth candy dish or a champagne glass or a saucer. There are all different styles. Probably the most commonly thought of are Russians

and Tibetans.

But different countries and regions have many different kinds. And then there are takeoffs on the different styles. One of my favorite is one I acquired over the holidays. This is similar to a Russian, but this spindle maker makes a lampwork focal and attaches the focal to a shaft. He calls them Glindles. Over the holidays he had the 12 Days of Christmas and  I was fortunate enough to purchase the 10th day — a beautiful little sugar plum.

And a closeup of the sweet sugar plum.

And with a little window dressing.

Cheryl, and excellent description of support spindles, and the photos are great! Love your Sugar Plum! I see it's functional as well as beautiful!

Ooohh.  Cheryl!!  How did I miss this thread!  :)  So glad you're enjoying what I got you into.  :P

I had been spinning exclusively on supporteds for a while.  Trying to finish up some projects (on a top whorl and a Turkish) now that have been started for a long while so I can go back to my supporteds.  I really love them!  My left shoulder has been sore, though.  I think I try to draft too long a length before winding on.  :P  I love your Gripping Yarn (Etsy shop HERE) in Lignum Vitae!!  And your Neil Brand Tibetan is a gorgeous one.  I don't know how, but I have resisted those 2 makers yet- something I think I need to quit!  heehee.

The 'Glindle' is a mesh of the words 'glass' and 'spindle'.  I'm not sure what word meshes with spindle to make a 'Twindle' (another style with a crystal in the tip instead of the glass focal- by the same maker- Bristlecone's Artisan Heirlooms).  I don't have a twindle, but I adore the 2 glindles that I have!

Oh wow, that is pretty!

Peggy Sue, you cannot imagine how glad I am that you got me into support spindles! I love them.

We're such enablers, aren't we? But that's good sometimes we introduce someone to something that becomes that person's passion!

I love being enabled just as much as I love enabling.

Don't we all!

It's the only way to be, right?


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