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            I got the DVD of the baby suprise jacket last Thursday but have not been able to work on it

   until now. I think that I get it now I feel like the tortoise from the tortoise and the hare. I may be a little slow but I will get there. Thank You Cheryl for telling me about  checking with Schoolhouse press about the pattern also. that will have to wait until next week, but I think that I have it now, will post pictures

 when able to do so.

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It's a really fun project, and although several of us finished ours ages ago, we still have people popping up with new BSJs! It's a real classic!

    I am up to the 22 decreases (90 sts.) still have a way to go to finish but I am really enjoying this. I have been

 thinking about making a second one already.

We would love to see photos at any time. Let us know if you have questions.
Terrific, Cheryl! They can be addicting.
Actually after the 90 stitches part it kind of flies -- I am REALLY excited because I finished mine the other night and I found the cutest buttons!  I will try to post up a picture tonight.
Goodie! We love to see great buttons!
Here it is -- I am not much of  a photographer, but the buttons are a catcher's mitt, a golf ball, a football and a soccer ball.  My nephew and his wife are expecting this summer and he was a college athlete/ she is a physical education teacher so I think this will be right up their alley.
Cathie- what a great little sweater!  The buttons are adorable.  :)  Sweet!

 That is such an adorable sweater . I know that your family will love it because you made it.

 Happy Knitting Cheryl

Thanks!  I know that I am late to this BSJ party, but I have already cast another one on the needles . . .  :-)
 I have been thinking about another one,this one for a boy. Have not decided on the colors yet,they (BSJ)are very addicting.
Oh, Cathie, I love the buttons! The buttons make the whole thing perfect. Congrats!


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