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my feet ache when they get cold. even inside in winter when it is warm inside.

I want to start making some socks for myself (to start). What kind of yarn would be best? warm and dry and very soft.

also: are toe up socks easier than regular? I am a new knitter.

thanks so much!

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welcome to the world of sock knitting Shannon! my first pair of socks were from worsted weight yarn (wool/nylon) and - in hindsight - it was probably the best yarn to learn on for me because it's a thicker yarn and i could see the stitches easier. i also started with double pointed needles and graduated to 2 circular needles because my stitches don't slip off :)

the first sock pattern i used was the Super Simple Knitwit Sock Pattern  and it is a top-down pattern and i found it really easy to follow. you'll need to learn Kitchener Stitch to close the toe.  i now knit only toe-up because i find it faster for me to finish socks - so it really is preference.

i do have some superwash merino, superwash merino/nylon, BFL/nylon, merino/cashmere/nylon sock yarn on my shoppe if you're interested in looking. i personally love superwash merino/nylon because of it's wash-ability, but anything with nylon is great for long lasting socks. 

good luck and let us know if you have any questions. ~christina

I didn't realize you had BFL/Nylon sock yarn!  Sorry about that  :o[  I know I love the Swiss Chocolate, and the Big Bear Bark.  I still see them as sock monkeys.  Beautiful, beautiful sock monkeys!

Off to check out your pattern now. 

LOL! I started carrying BFL/nylon sock yarn last Fall, so it's pretty recent. I've only dyed up 3 pieces so it's not too prevalent in the shoppe yet. i also carry merino/tencel which i should probably dye up again soon. oy - not enough time in the day . . .   sock monkeys! sock monkeys!

Is the tencel as strong as the nylon?  What I've heard about the BFL is that it pills less, and is less prone to abrasion than merino is, thus making it a tad bit better for socks.  Have you used any of your BFL/ nylon for socks yet to offer an opinion? 

And yes, that nephew-on-the-way needs a sock monkey.  He really does!  And those two browns you have would make wonderful sock monkeys.  I find myself daydreaming about that  every few days, and have to have a stern talk with myself.  I am not making anymore sock monkeys for a while, I am not making anymore sock  monkeys for a while........ :o)

not sure if tencel is as strong as nylon, but it's definitely shiny so you'll have a really pretty sheen to your socks. funny you say that about BFL because when i first got the yarn and visually compared the mer/nylon with the BFL/nylon, it seemed the BFL was smoother (maybe also had a tighter twist).  i haven't knitted with BFL/nylon yet but will add to the to-do list.

BFL is smoother due to it's longer staple length - fewer ends to poke out, and has a beautiful sheen to it. 

So have you cast on for a new sock monkey yet?

~c, the enabler

SOL!  No, something else sauntered into my fiber life.  :o)

I have found that using a soft yarn which has merino wool in is a good one for cold feet i suffer from cold feet & i have found that hand knitting socks are warmer than the shop bought ones in any of the yarns i used

Hugs Janice

I have a lot of problems with my feet and have actually found that having handmade socks that hug all of the contours of my foot actually relieves some of my foot pain.  I fought the sock knitting bug until the first time I wore my handknit socks for a full day and my feet didn't hurt, now I'm an addict.  I prefer knitting one sock at a time because I only need a tiny project bag (I included a picture of my favorite project bag!) and I don't like fighting with two balls of yarn, but I don't have a preference on toe-up, top-down.


I do however have some new yarn to look at (  ;0)  @ Christina) and some new patterns to try (TY Lynsey, Cheryl, Wendy and Christina)!  Enablers all!

We'll be here if you need any more help.  Good luck!

Dawn, I have to say the directions that were given to keep your two balls of yarn clean and from tangling were wonderful.  I just picked up that little plastic bag and the needles the socks were on and took them whenever I thought I'd get a chance to work on them.  My yarn was never a twisted mess using her clever idea.  And I think it would fit nicely into your bag above.  :o)  Even if people do not use her pattern, which I can understand, the bit on packaging your yarn is well worth the time reading her directions.

I would say that it definitely wouldn't fit in my little project bag as it's only 6"x8", but I've been looking at starting another pair of socks toe-up and I think I have a cute little bag that this would fit in.  I'll take your challenge and try 2 at a time again.  ;0)  


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