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Hi All

I been wondering about sock blockers & are they worth getting if so which size

I found a place in the UK that sells them & do in 3 sizes so which would you go for


Handcrafted in Plywood finished in oil

SIZE - large (fits women shoe UK size 7 to 8 ) (Europe 41-42)

SIZE - medium (fits women UK shoe size 5 to 6) (Europe 38-39)

SIZE - SMALL (fits women UK shoe size 3 to 4) (Europe 36-37)


There are other places that sell them but they are at least another £8 or more so would like some advice on this please

Hugs Janice

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I have the KP Medium Sock Blockers and rarely use them. I was going to buy all the sizes to help fit the socks I sell, but in the end I just use a sock chart (Sock It To Me, also available on KP) and sock software to calculate my sock sizes.

Thanks Christina

I have the converstions charts for socks this is the wooden blocks so it would block them or at least make them look good when i take a photo lol

I am a bit unsure as they work out from where i mention around $18-20 but other places are are as much as $30-40 so not cheap just think what yarn i could buy for that lol

Hugs Janice

Hi Janice,

The sock blockers are good...I use them...but.....the large is WAY large and the medium is still a bit large but not have the small..but think I will try that also.

Don't you think they seem a bit large looking?

And yes they do make all your socks look more professional...finished looking...


Thanks Camilla

I am thinking of get a pair or 2 here is the link to to the shop you have to look down to sock blocker

These do look nice appreciate to hear what you & others think

Hugs Janice

If you knit or are planning to knit socks with any sort of lace panel in the pattern, I have found sock blockers are particularly helpful in that instance. It really makes the lace work pop a lot more than without using sock blockers.

Thanks Jenny

It not that i have plans on doing anything particular just like to know if they worth getting

Hugs Janice

Ok Janice...I checked out that site in the UK...nice site well done.

Having said that...they are made of wood ...and for me wood and water eventually may cause a problem...the antique sock blockers made of wood may be very seasoned but I am a bit concerned about wood newer ones.

Every piece I knit shawl, bags, socks etc...I wash in the KnitPicks wool wash and rinse...

use a large towel to remove excess water then matter what the pattern is ..helps calm the little fiber fuzzies and just makes them look new.

This is only my opinion...

Good Luck in your choices,




Thanks Camilla

Is the KP Wool & Wash & Rinse is this a sort of washing liquid & a softener that for knitted items if so i think there is something similar here in the UK

The biggest problem is all the items that may be used are not always available here in the UK well we are craft poor here in that we lag behind or it so expensive here we can't get them lol

Hugs Janice

Janice, although I have some blockers I haven't used them yet, but I think Jenny's advice is superb. If you are going to block lace socks I would think the blockers are a must.

Thanks Cheryl

I am not sure if i will get some yet but am leaning towards them

Not sure what size is the best to go with i am thinking medium possible large but again not sure

Hugs Janice

I use sock blockers all the time.  When I finish a pair of socks, I soak them in a wool wash, wrap them in a towel to get rid of excess water, put them on the sock blockers until totally dry.  Subsequently if it's a "special" pair, I do the same thing.  For more pedestrian socks, I machine wash and dry flat.  Blocking evens out any stitches, defines the shape, and smooths everything out.  Lace in particular needs to be blocked to ensure that the lace lies nice and flat. 


I use Fibertrends and also have some Knitpicks.  They work fine.  The medium suits most feet that I knit for, although I do have some large antique ones which I use for men's and extra large female socks. 


It takes a lot of time and effort to knit a pair of socks, and not much time or effort to take care of them, including using the sock blockers.  In addition, if I'm a little worried that the socks might be slightly snug, a treatment on the blockers stretches them out just a tad.


Thanks Janice

One Janice to another lol

I must say if i do get some i think it will be from where i gave the link to in a early reply as i can get 2 pairs for a tad more than 1 elsewhere

Hugs Janice


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