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There are free patterns out there. Here are the KP patterns that HavetoomuchYarn mentioned.

And his wardrobe.

Grumpy, the Lump of Coal

The Christmas Pickle


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Maybe it's with your glasses!--S
Probably, maybe your DH can come do his CSI mojo for me. ROFLMBO.
That is what I was thinking... but you could probably do it, too. It really isn't hard... turn off the lights, take your flashlight, turn it on... start looking! --S
I will do that this evening when it's a little darker!
Okay, this really isn't a toy, but I definitely think it qualifies for being posted here. Irene reminded me of these and I just knew anyone who hasn't already seen these would love them.

Fish Hat [Dead or Alive?]
It may not be a toy, but it is definitely a novelty knit! --S
I'm sorry I seem to be finding patterns that need to go here even though they aren't toys:

Here's to Kelley Petkun for her revival of hot water bottles. Cheers, Kelley!

Mr. Popper's Penguin
i was just over at Ravelry looking for the duck to add to my que, and I found a free duck hat and duck socks - adorable to the nth power! --S
So how about these ducks? Where are they?
Here are the socks

And here is the hat.

Note: The bill on the hat is only supposed to be 1 - 1/2 " whoever knit this over did the bill for sure. --S
I will never see the light of day - queued immediately - SO CUTE!
Aren't they great! I am going to knit the duck tomorrow (once the baby blanket is finished) and the hat and socks this week! Cannot help it. --S


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