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I have had a couple requests from family members (read "Christmas List recipients") for knitted/crocheted slippers, but I have an issue with the fact that yarn fabrics on hard wood floors are way to slipprey to be safe.  Granted, I have arthritic feet that don't always work great, but I have seen way to many spills from stairs, on the kitchen floor, etc. by grandkids, siblings, etc. Have you had experience with "sole-ing" slippers?  Many years ago I bought some of the leather-like patches to sew opn the soles of knitted slippers but they didn't last long.  Are there any alternatives that you know of?  Of should I just try again?

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Cheryl's throne?

Good guess, but WRONG. Of course right now I can't remember the exact wording. Wendy???? HELP! I know you will remember. But it was more along the line of my command post or flight deck or something along that line.

The Captain's chair?

My mind has been drawing a complete blank. I'll have to ask him later to see if he remembers, but I swear, I bet Wendy remembers!

Yea!!  A room for the new wheel to 'sleep' in! LOL Of course, I won't at all think of being jealous of that fact, as I trip over one of my wheels on the way to my rocking chair to sit with one of the little ones.  =))

Well, if you didn't have such a large tribe! I've been there myself even though without nearly so many. But in my case the testosterone level made it seem like a huge tribe. In fact, I'm still tripping over the boys things. I am making demands for them to come get their things. Poor Jack can't get all of his things yet because his brothers keep borrowing the Expedition because their cars are in the shop.

I'll give up a room for my wheels in exchange for my tribe any day!  And gladly suffer the stubbed toes that come with having both!! =)  And yes, poor Jack!  He's the youngest, isn't he?  Tough place to be when the others pull rank and he has to wait at the end of the line, while they keep butting in front and taking more than their share of the turns?

Yes, he is the youngest. He's just about a couple of months younger than your oldest. He doesn't drive so it's not like he can just take the car on his own. He needs either a friend or one of us to do the driving.

Speaking of stubbed toes. One time we were painting the house. Several doors had been taken down and were awaiting their fresh coat of paint in the hallway. One night after going back and forth about all of the fighting in the boys rooms, I stormed down the hallway. I ended up breaking my little toe. And then no sympathy from my orthopedic brother when I called to as if I should go to the ER. He told me to quit being a baby, pull it straight out and tape it to my foot. Actually, he really has good bedside manners, just not with his sisters! Jim worked for him one summer while trying to get into nursing school and praised his uncle's bedside manners.

I remember this story! Funny!

Well, I did what he told me to do and don't have any problems with that toe.

Bedside manner aside, he must be a good doctor! 

I may be partial, but he is an excellent doctor. If he wasn't in New Iberia and even though I had an excellent doc here in Houston, I would have had him set my wrist when I broke it in 2007.


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