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I love seeing photos of hand dyed yarns, they're always so beautiful in the skein. Show me your yarn! Please!

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My DH and I're getting hairier by the day.  You can count me among the 'guinea pigs'.

As to why we're getting hairier, our hairdresser had a double mastectomy in Jan and the latest information is that she'll be back in April.  Please put her in your prayers that she heals well enough to continue her work.  (And I say that for her, not me -- I can, if need be, find another hairdresser, but I hope I don't need to.)  Her name is Doris.

Will do, Jo!

My DH is getting hairier, too.  But that's only because he hates the barber shears!  The last time he consented to a trim was because we were going to see his parents and his dad is particular about decent grooming.

I do think the blend of fiber makes a big difference, since some absorb dye more readily than others.  And if one absorbs more dye and quicker, that would leave less dye for the other fibers to absorb.  Now this is coming from a non-scientific minded person, who also suffers from a lack of math wisdom being bestowed upon her - lol.  But I can be a good guinea pig! 


Jo, I will add Doris to my list too.  I am wishing her a very speedy recovery as well. 

Thanks, Nutty.  And Wendy.

Christina, I think you are on to something there.  I found when I did the Snapdragon Deb roving this summer, even though the fiber appeared to be pretty intense colorwise, and was dyed throughout, when I spun it, it was a much paler version of what I had started with.  I think that has to do with the fewer number of fibers actually being spun vs. a big mass of fibers all together.  I'm curious to see if the spun weight of the yarn makes a difference. 

Oy!  I love this! 

Aloha All! I'm a bit behind on posting here, but here are all of this week's colors. The first is a new colorway :)

This is HONOLULU COFFEE CO based on my favorite coffee house in Hawaii, in merino/bamboo/nylon roving

and Falkland British Merino/nylon fingering yarn

based on Honolulu Coffee Company's logo

and some blending 'icicle' nylon roving just for fun


This is DARK UNIVERSE in KP's merino/silk roving

and merino/silk lace weight yarn

and lastly, this is a new colorway I was trying out and fell in love with the skein, so it's not for sale (but a variation of it will be shortly). This is KEEGAN in KP's merino lace yarn.


I think Keegan is worth trying to repeat.

aloha all - here are this week's colors!

this is ST. PETER'S DOME in 21.5 micron merino wool

and superwash merino lace yarn

TROPICAL SORBET in merino/silk wool

and merino/silk/stellina lace yarn

and STRAWBERRY MARGARITA in merino lace yarn. i don't have matching wool for this one as i had meant to keep it for myself, but decided to keep another skein of lace weight instead. it's so hard to negotiate with myself!


I love Strawberry Margarita.

maybe i'll dye up some wool this weekend . . . am thinking i need more reds/pinks on the shoppe as i've been doing a lot of browns/oranges lately. maybe need to do some purples too . . .

OK, this isn't anything fancy like Christina and Bren having been showing off, but here is my Polwarth, dyed using Salmon Jacquard Acid Dye... 2.2 ounces, 124 yards, DK weight (14 WPI).


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