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I love seeing photos of hand dyed yarns, they're always so beautiful in the skein. Show me your yarn! Please!

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Hello Angela,

I have been dying yarn for almost 3 years now and I LOVE doing it! I also LOVE seeing hand dyed yarns for some many other wonderfully talented dyers.

Here is an example of my fun moments in yarn dying.

It is great to see this thread and it would be super to see some of the beautiful creations of fellow dyers.

Take care!
How pretty! Parrot Plumage looks like candy!!
Thank you, it really is a lot of fun to dye up, and is one of my more popular requests. Disappearing to the studio is heaven, lol.
Fun thread.
I tried dyeing last fall. I used a formula I found for food coloring dye and got these results:

And this is how the yarn looked.

This was done using Polypay wool.

I am very interesting in trying some Jacquard Dyeing of white wool. With the good weather we are having, I may try it soon. ♥s
Wow, that is cool. I really like those colors. I've only tried egg dyes, which were pale (on purpose), but I'm also interested in the Jacquard Dyes.
Very cool! It looks like it would be really smooshy soft!

the green is really wonderful. Ii love dyeing before spinning, you get so much more depth of color!
I totally agree. ♥s
Just love the look of all that dyed fiber Susan, plus your photo reminded me that I have one or two of those lattice strips out in my garden shed.  Sadly it is going to turn cold here tomorrow, but there is always next spring to use them...assuming the resident groundhogs and squirrels haven't gotten in there and ate them...LOL.

Okay, this thread is acting quirky.  Won't let me onto the last page to read a couple of comments.  And one of them may be Christina's latest post!!  So.....I'm trying Peggy's suggestion of breaking the 'lock down' by comenting on an older post. 


Susan, I hadn't seen these since they were posted before I joined KP.  Yummy!  I just love that green!


ETA:  I'm really glad I got to see this fiber.....but commenting here didn't fix the prob with the pages!  I still get the first page when I click the link for Christia's comment, or when I click the last page # of the discussion. =((

Me too.

ETA - looks like it got fixed.

Yes it does seem to be fixed!  Yea!


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