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Here is my current favorite - he sits on my desk & guards it from thieves.

(Frances from Danger Crafts made with Merino Style)

Show off your toys - I always need new toy patterns!

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see that's exactly what i would do but then I would see #4 and etc etc
Blinders, Anita, blinders. lol

By the way, how is your mom? I hope she is doing well. She is, as always, in my prayers.
Me, too!
I have four spindles, but I really only use my Golding and my KP Turkish drop spindle. I guess I have been able to resist the temptation to buy more spindles because I have--not to brag, you understand--a spinning wheel. I do enjoy looking at all the lovely spindles, though, as well as the fiber on them!
Yep, that's what I really want. You're not bragging, you are lucky! I'm going back to the fiber show today, and I hope to try out one of the Marjacraft (sp???) if I'm lucky. Maybe there will be some others I can try too.
Majacraft, from New Zealand, I think.
You are right, it is from New Zealand. I wondered if the 'r' belonged there. Found out today that it doesn't, as I got to try out the Rose by Majacraft. What a nice wheel. It comes with 4 bobbins, lazy kate, 2 flyers, and a 2nd whorl all for $885.00. I have no idea if that is a good price or not, but then I'm just trying to see which works for me better now. Then I got to watch another woman try out the Aura. Look here to see what they say. It is a real beauty, and the lucky lady trying it out really liked it.
That's not bragging at all. I want more spindles and more time to use them.:)

A soft, squishy bear.  It was quite an easy knit, but oh how I hated sewing it all up.  Next one will be knitted in the round.  He is a gift for my DD, with two more for her friends if she receives this one enthusiastically.


This bear looks familiar! I think I have the pattern. I'm with you on knitting these things in the round!

It's a Debbie Bliss pattern.  Mine is probably much larger than it is supposed to be.  I used her Cashmerino Aran weight yarn.  So nice to work with.  If I'm not mistaken, I think this is the bear pattern Knit4many used for her avatar.  I always smile when I see her avatar picture, it's so cute.  I also used Morning Glory Cluster Stuff, which is a down-like stuffing fiber to fill the bear with.  I really like how soft and squishy it made the bear.  This would be perfect for Miss Daphne!!!  She needs a bear to go with her little bunny, and her future Mr. Foster monkey!!! 

As for doing it in the round, the only thing that doesn't appeal to me is purling.  I found that rather difficult on 5 DPNs last winter.  But now that I know how to do the magic loop, maybe it won't be so awkward. 

Maybe that's why he looks so familiar


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