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Here is my current favorite - he sits on my desk & guards it from thieves.

(Frances from Danger Crafts made with Merino Style)

Show off your toys - I always need new toy patterns!

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Stacey, I'm here with you. I'll post a few pics later.

Frances is a real cutie pie.

I'm awaiting my fox kit right now. Hopefully it will be here next week.
I'm here too! 'hi' Cheryl!!!
Hey, Susan. I knew I would see you here! And I know what a toy fan Stacey is too. But I think both of you have a lot more under your belt than me. I will have to goad Susan BLK and Peggy Stuart into joining since they both have new grandbabies on the way.
give'm a poke Cheryl!
I sent them an invite - so I bet we'll see them soon. :)
I LOVE your Frances, Stacey! He's got sucha 'laid back' disposition .
Well, I sure wouldn't want to mess with him. I bet he is fiercly loyal - he's got that look about him.

This is what I have been making today and yesterday:

Kind of a toy, eh?

The pattern is here:

Ok, lets see it those attachemnts worked...
what a cute little gnome! Love his nose sticking out ;)
That is too cute!
Definitely a toy - and totally adorable!
He is too cute! My DD would love him!
Well, I made him some friends today.
Things I have learned:
- after the third one you stop fretting about the number of stiches
- there will be many parts, therefore keep them in a container as you finish them
- only ever put your darning needle down in it's place (a small bowl)
- no one, absolutely no one, will ever look as closely to the placement of parts as you will; just sew them on, don't fret
- it is a work of art; it is supposed to have character

I'll translate the pattern if anyone is interested.
I received an error when I tried to open the link... I was going to try it again later. --S


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